The dotStaff™ Vendor and Workforce Management System platform is a hosted application, offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS).  Users access the application through their web browser from either mobile devices or desktop, eliminating additional hardware expenditure and software licensing fees.  All hosting, upgrades, maintenance and support fees are included.

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The dotStaff™ Vendor Workforce Management System is a hosted application, accessed by clients, suppliers, contractors and other users from mobile devices, laptops and desktops from any internet browser.  As a SaaS solution, dotStaff™ provides significant benefits:

  • No hardware or software to install – Client/server solutions may require installing software and hardware to ensure users can access the application. Users just log in on the internet. A web connection and a browser is all that is needed.
  • No support costs – With dotStaff™, there are no fees to pay for maintenance, hosting or upgrades to the software. And with SaaS, users are upgraded instantaneously, without disruption to business.
  • Rapid deployment – dotStaff™ can be rapidly configured, without the need to deploy for each department, supplier and user. This accelerates the time to deploy which allows program implementation and savings realization faster.
  • Data security – With dotStaff™, data is securely backed up and stored offsite as part of our service, protecting information.
  • HIPAA Electronic Medical Records Compliance – dotStaff™ mobile medical records was created for projects that require the highest levels of security and incorporates client-side password protection. Our mobile records technology offers end-to-end HIPAA certification and also used in projects that require FISMA and ISO9001. With dotStaff™ electronic medical records mobile application, your data is completely safe, even if your device is lost or jail broken.


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The dotStaff™ Vendor Workforce Management System is scalable at each tier of its architecture thereby eliminating any restrictions on the number of users, suppliers, contractors or other user types accessing the application, or the volume of activity the system supports.  System load is constantly monitored with infrastructure expansions occurring at defined workload and utilization levels, ensuring that peak performance is consistently achieved.


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The dotStaff™ electronic forms and records application data are HIPAA compliant and meet all appropriate HHS defined Administrative, Physical and Technical Safeguards as defined within the Security Rule § 164.308(a)(8). dotStaff™ utilizes Tier 1 hosting providers for both primary and failover sites, ensuring security, redundancy and continuous uptime. We perform periodic technical and non-technical evaluations and penetration tests to ensure security policies and procedures meet updated security requirements.