As our company moves forward with our established pro-active approach to maintaining a healthy and productive staff, it was a natural decision to cultivate a Wellness Program in which employees may voluntarily participate to improve their overall Wellness. Whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, or otherwise, we can all benefit from the guidance and knowledge that a Wellness Program provides.

Changing the culture of our company’s view toward these important facets in a healthy lifestyle is a win/win proposition for both our company and our staff. It enables the physical and financial future wellbeing of both.

[expand title=”Specific Company Goals”]

  • Help the company lose 50lbs. per quarter in a Wellness Weigh-in competition
  • Host a health fair/carnival by the end of 2012
  • Establish a Walking Program
  • 4 Challenges/Competitive events throughout the year
  • Reduce the “2011 Wellness Trends” previously charted through an employee survey by 10%.
    • Smoking – 12%
    • Not satisfied with current health – 48%
    • Not in good physical shape – 48%
    • Does not exercise – 48%
    • Lower back pain – 38%
    • Experiencing stress – 71%
    • More than 20 lbs. overweight – 35%


[expand title=”Success Stories”]

Sandy’s Motivation

Brent and the Benefits of Change

Success In December Was Spelled BILL EVANS by Jami Crist

Max vs. Bacon

Pedaling Toward A Healthy Lifestyle – Jon Brewer

We Work Out – Amy


[expand title=”Current Activities”]

Fit Club Challenge

No matter if you’re a fitness guru or just starting out, this challenge is for you!

This team challenge requires competitors to complete a number of tasks in order to win.  These tasks include activities such as:  Sit Ups, Push-Ups, Jumping Jacks, Squats, and even trying a new sport or activity that each team member has never tried.  The grand prize will go to the team that completes the most of each activity.  Let the competition and friendly trash talking begin!


[expand title=”Starting A Wellness Program”]

Interested in learning how to start a Wellness Program at your own company? Take the first step here:

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