dotStaff™ offers additional services not commonly found with other MSP/VMS providers. Create a customized, best-in-class program for the management of all contingent labor and services procurement.

Payroll Services

Our Payroll Services allow one to shift the administrative burden and liability to dotStaff™ for select contractors, whether bringing back a former or retired employee or if additional help is needed with a project utilizing employee referrals.  When our payroll services are used, we become the employer of record. All contingent workers are covered under our insurance, including workers’ compensation and general liability. We are responsible for all tax liabilities and reporting.

1099 Compliance

With our 1099 Compliance Program, we ensure that contractors qualify as independent contractors and can ensure that those who do not qualify are payrolled as temporary workers, eliminating tax liability and co-employment risk.

Drug Screen/Background Check

Given our high volume of drug screen/background checks, we are able to offer this service at our discounted pricing.