dotStaff™ was developed with FTE workforce and temporary staffing vendors in mind to provide a robust contingent labor management solution that facilitates participation in managed service programs, streamlines the process for recruiters and provides comprehensive and transparent visibility into your accounts receivable process.

Automated Candidate Matching

  • Candidate information is entered into the dotStaff™ VMS application using our embedded parsing technology. Resumes are parsed to create a candidate profile which includes career objectives, skills and qualifications, employment history, education, certifications and references.
  • Vendors will receive an email notification regarding the position. When the Job Posting is opened, recruiters are automatically presented with a list of the most qualified candidates in the database.

Rapid Submittal Process

  • To submit a candidate, recruiters can select a candidate from the list of qualified candidates.
  • Candidate information, including bill rate, skills, qualifications and resume are automatically forwarded to the program office or hiring manager.


  • Users have access to active dashboards, data grids, standard and ad hoc reporting to provide access to actionable management information.
  • Recruiters and managers have complete visibility to client opportunities, candidates, and accounts receivable information (time and expense sheets, invoices).
  • To submit a candidate, the recruiter only needs to select the candidate name, input a bill rate and submit the candidate.
  • Receive immediate feedback from clients regarding a candidate’s status.
  • Ensure the use of approved vendors to reduce risk and eliminate off-contract activities.

Vendor Contact Relationship Mangement (CRM) Data

  • Compare recruiter results
  • Identify results by hiring manager and skill type
  • Track client opportunities, including job descriptions, bill rates and acceptance rate.
  • Develop forecasts based on demand.

The dotStaff™ award winning Vendor Workforce Management System consistently receives the highest usability scores available, and we have one of the highest vendor participation rates in the industry.