The dotStaff implementation process includes four phases, each of which ends at a milestone:

Key elements within all phases are Traceability and Risk Analysis, both significant factors to a program’s success.

  • Trace-ability — Enables the verification that the program deployed matches that which was envisioned.
  • Risk Analysis — Identifies, analyzes, tracks and manages problems that threaten the program’s success.

[expand title=”Envisioning”]

In this phase, a Program Manager (PM) performs client interviews and current state process analysis to determine with what business requirements the client company is dealing. With input from client representatives, the PM finalizes a set of Program Objectives that represents the desire(s) of the client organization. The PM may sometimes ask Development to do technical research and/or create rough prototypes of custom reports, interfaces or enhancements to prove a functions’ suitability. The PM works with the Program Team to create a rough high-level schedule.


[expand title=”Planning”]

In this phase, the functional processes are defined, process changes identified, the program is scheduled, and supporting efforts such as documentation, course development, and data collection all begin.

The Program Manager presents the program to the Lead Team. Program Team leaders create a rough program schedule. The Lead Team’s deployment lead performs the first risk assessment.


[expand title=”Deployment”]

In this phase the program team utilizes the configuration data identified in the planning phase to complete the configuration of the technology as well as finalizing any process documents required for the education of users at the client site.

During this phase, custom enhancements, reports, or interfaces will also be completed and the development team will pass them to the testers for complete quality review prior to phase completion.


[expand title=”Finalization”]

In this phase, the lead team completes any efforts associated with resolving open items identified during the desktop pilot, which may include process or configuration adjustments and associated communication of these adjustments. All dynamic data is approved by the client and entered in the system, including, but not limited to resource registration, submission, contract approval, project assignment, cost center and approving manager associations.


Rapid Deployment

The dotStaff™ Vendor Workforce Management System is highly configurable, to accommodate specific client needs without the necessity of customization.  Working closely with clients, we deliver a solution that incorporates specified business rules, approval workflows, templates and reporting requirements which can be accessed by designated individuals including vendors.  With this proven implementation methodology, we can successfully deploy dotStaff™’s technology in a fraction of the time normally expected, maximizing savings, promoting compliance, increasing efficiency and reducing risks.