Organizations develop strategic plans to successfully execute mission critical projects, initiatives and business objectives. To accomplish this human capital is required.  Critical decisions include possible reassignment of existing employees, adding contractors and/or 1099, selecting vendor(s) for deliverable based assignments or a well calculated combination.  Many times outsourcing a business process or application development project is more appropriate. dotStaff™’s comprehensive Vendor Workforce Management system accessing the right information at the right time allows for more informed decision making.

Unfortunately for many organizations, knowledge capital is not centrally available and organizations use different processes and suppliers.  Therefore, it is difficult for that organization to understand what is currently spent on human capital, much less how much should be paid.  With the expectation to “do more with less,” organizations may be better served utilizing a single platform to consolidate FTE, contingent labor, direct hire, project spending and expenses as well as to facilitate the procurement and acquisition processes.

The dotStaff™ Vendor Workforce Management System provides a single platform for managing workforce procurement, acquisition, tracking and management processes, enabling the development and execution of integrated workforce management strategies, such as:

  • What is the right mix of contingent vs. direct hires?
  • Should I bring in contractors or outsource the project?
  • How can we best spend our fixed budget?
  • What is the best way to engage our retiree population?
  • Which suppliers give us the best service?
  • What tools are best used for tracking activities and time?

The dotStaff™ Vendor Workforce Management System incorporates the entire process into a user-friendly web-based application that increases efficiency, reduces cost and drives program compliance.

dotStaff’s configurable and flexible management application can map to a variety of business models, thus allowing for implementation to a program that meets specific needs.

[expand title=”Benefits of a dotStaff™ Powered Program”]

  • Focus On Strategy, Not Tactics – Freedom from the tactical activities that draw attention away from the development of strategies is achieved utilizing a Managed Services Program powered by the dotStaff™.  The Program office is responsible for all tactical activities and execution of strategies.
  • Access To Expertise – The Program Team provides direct access to expertise in human capital management and procurement/acquisition and can assist in navigating supplier management issues and increasing services procurement.
  • Workforce Management – The dotStaff™ Workforce Management System is a full featured solution designed to ensure organizations are able to maintain a productive workforce.  dotStaff™ includes robust productivity enhancing and governance functionality to serve the needs of management, mobile workers, patients and guardians alike.
  • Vendor Agnostic Procurement – Using the dotStaff™, job postings are automatically distributed to approved vendors, according to the business rules you create. Job postings include comprehensive information about the position, including job description, skills and qualifications.  dotStaff™ fosters communication between the vendors and client managers, and strengthens the relationships you worked hard to build.
  • Automated Processes – The job posting includes a comprehensive job description along with the skills and qualifications desired, making it easy to maintain relationships with vendors.
  • Vendor Management – With the dotStaff™ Vendor Workforce Management System, you can track spending, response time, fulfillment ratios, bill rates and other data to measure real time vendor performance, right from your desktop.
  • Access the Best Candidates – Using our embedded parsing and advanced skills matching technology, users are able to find the best matches for position needs.  Once submitted, the Program office may short list candidates for managers to review, reducing the list of candidates to the best of the best and ensuring the highest quality at the best price.
  • Manage Corporate Initiatives – dotStaff™ automatically tracks spending budgets across all labor classifications.
  • Improve Compliance – A powerful workflow engine ensures all necessary approvals are made for job requirements, time tracking and invoices to satisfy all corporate governance requirements.
  • Complete Visibility – Directly from desktop and mobile devices, the solution retains complete visibility across the enterprise.
  • Cost Savings – Costs, including actual market-driven contractor costs, result in proven savings by as much as 30%.  Contractor pay rates always reflect current supply / demand market rates.