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Philosophy, Weight Loss, and Employee Wellness Programs

The Latin philosopher René Descartes is best known for introducing the phrase Cogito ergo sum which means  “I think, therefore I am.” As I read with excitement about our company’s Wellness Program Committee’s plans, I further associated this phrase with a modern phrase, “You are what you eat.” While trying to balance family, work, and personal time, professional and personal communications (via cell phones and social networking), as well as short and long-term financial goals is complex, balancing one’s diet and health is also challenging.  Even with the countless conveniences of modern technology, several people still seem unsatisfied and unhealthy. […]

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Real Life Redo

I love that little Undo button available in various programs. It is the most forgiving feature! Thanks to that little twirly arrow, it no longer matters that you accidentally copied your entire distribution list into the subject line of your email. All you have to do is click the button, and voila! The mistake is gone, and the world rests once again on its axis. Sometimes I wish I could click a button like then when I’m relating to people. Recently a co-worker came by to tell me something he was really excited about. I faced a huge deadline in that moment and didn’t give him my full attention and excitement.  He walked away a little mopey because normally I’m that girl people tell cool stuff to because when they tell me, I feel as excited as they feel. . .  But not that day.   It was a lose-lose moment for me and him:  I lost out on hearing his exciting story, and he lost the chance to share his thrill. […]

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Winning On The Field – Passion Off The Field

On May 21st, the Leinster Rugby team won the Heineken Cup European Rugby Championship. On May 31st, the team won again, this time on a different battleground.  On this day, the hometown heroes of the pitch shared their trophy and their joy with children at Temple Street Children’s Hospital.  Sheer elation can be seen in the image of Michaela Morley. While not all of us have the Heineken Cup to present, we all do have ourselves to give.  We can take a few minutes to help others, we can share a smile, and we can bring joy to those around us. […]

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Forty Shades of Green

What is your shade of green? Historically, the word green stems from an Old English word growan which means “to grow”. Often symbolizing wealth, life, renewal, prosperity, green has a different meaning for every individual. […]

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Move the World Forward — Part 1

A couple weeks ago Seth Godin blogged about Accepting False Limits.  I’d been working on a blog about this idea myself.  After reading his blog I thought, should I even write about this now?  After all, the great Oz has spoken.  What can I possibly add? Then I realized, if I do not write about accepting false limits because I believe I have nothing to add, I am accepting a false limit! I am sometimes cast under the spell of a “false limits” mentality, and at other times an “All Systems Go!” mentality.  In this blog I want to identify some familiar “false limits” we impose on ourselves, and expose them for the imposters they are! I believe our failure to launch a project is tied to whatever we tell ourselves about it, in other words, our  beliefs.  You know the famous  Henry Ford saying:  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.” […]

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Four Benefits of Blogging

I’m a blogging novice, but in the few short months the dotStaff™  blog has been afloat,  I’ve learned a lot.  I haven’t been this excited about coming to work in a long time.  If you are on the fence about whether to start your company blog, or step up and write  a blog entry,  maybe these four benefits of doing so will ease you into Social Media: 1)      It makes me see my job with fresh eyes.  Because I am expected to generate weekly blog entries, my brain puts things together differently, in pursuit of themes.  It’s like when the grocery store re-organizes their merchandise to get you to change up your buying patterns.  Initially you may feel a bit thrown off, but what they’ve done is given you an opportunity to be more creative and engage in a fresh way.  Now, everything is potential blogging material, because I see associations between things I didn’t see before.  Boy does that make my job more juicy. […]

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Life is a Sprint

Leaving our house before 5:00 on a cold January morning with my daughter for a west coast college visit, I could not help but thoroughly enjoy what turned out to be a conversation that would ensue on and off for several hours. She expressed anxiousness about the speed with which high school passed… had she done the right things to prepare herself for college (the “right college”), what did she miss, what does she still have time to do that would improve her competitive odds at attending her schools of choice? She then expressed similar anxiety regarding college life preparations for her professional career and more clearly defining the many objectives she’s already set for achieving and exceeding her “life goals.” […]

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