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Love the Skin You’re In

In light of our new company wellness program called “Save the Body,” and for the wellbeing of all of you, I want to share some personal information.  I just learned that a close friend has Stage 1 melanoma, or skin cancer. The good news is, it’s operable and it was caught early enough.  The more I read about melanoma, though, I see how narrowly he dodged a bullet. He did what a lot of people do:  He thought, I don’t have the kind of coloring susceptible to skin cancer (he’s dark haired, has dark eyes & dark skin).  As a result, he was cavalier about using sunscreen.  He also kept putting off going to the dermatologist because he’s so busy.  When he went to see the dermatologist last Monday, she took one look at the big honkin’ mole on his chest, got in his face and said, “This could be serious. It has all the signs of melanoma.”    Since Monday, while awaiting the results, he and I have been like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, staring feverishly at our hourglass running out of sand. […]

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You Might Have a Social Media Addiction If…

You tweet more than you talk. You own a Smartphone… that your thumbs use more than your mouth. You don’t use AOL Instant Messenger anymore. You read your Facebook mini-feed more than the newspaper. You upload pictures on the internet instead of printing them. You are friends with your children or/and parents on Facebook. You [...]

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How Good Can You Allow Yourself to Feel?

How many things can I do each day—not just steps—to amp up my “feel good” meter? If every physical step boosts my total, what about other choices I make in my day?

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dotStaff Reveals Secrets on Getting Yourself to the Gym

Last Wednesday I talked to my teammates, Brent and Melanie, about how hard it was for me to get myself out of bed and into the gym.  (Gym vigilance is a must thanks to my daughter’s divine cake experiments).   Brent and Melanie both shared motivating affirmations that get them out the door and on that treadmill.  I began wondering  how others here in the Indianapolis office  motivate themselves to go exercise. I thought, surely I’m not the only one struggling!  So I canvassed people at my office, and asked them, “What do you tell yourself to get out of bed or out the door to the gym, even when you don’t want to?”  Their answers have been trickling in the last few days, and they range from light to as serious as a heart attack.  Here are a few of their responses: […]

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I Am the Heart That You Call Home

What is art? Do you picture a well-known painting, statue, or musical work? Personally, I don’t picture just a single or few things – Art is everywhere to me. From my mother’s college paintings in the living room to my father’s random “at-home projects”, art was hugely a part of my upbringing. However, this highly complex entity is challenging to define, especially since there are no universally accepted definitions. After several unsuccessful attempts to define the term art, my suggestion to the casual observer is this – Rather than trying to formulate a single definition, take time to explore these personal characteristics I have observed about art: […]

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For Every Challenge, A New Opportunity

In early June of this year, diver and photographer, Mauricio Handler, captured this moment when a 40 foot whale shark almost swallowed his photographer friend. Handler led an expedition to Isla Mujeres, Mexico to capture an annual event that happens with whale sharks. Each year in June, whale sharks gather in the waters off of Mexico to feed on tuna. Using their massive mouths, they suck large masses of spawn into their jaws. On their last day, Handler was photographing the more than 600 whale sharks as one started to swim up after his friend. Whale sharks have poor vision. Handler’s friend was able to use that to his advantage. Refusing to submit, the photographer managed to get out of the way just in time. […]

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In 1986, John Hughes wrote a classic comedy, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, about a high school wise guy who decides to take the day off school to explore Chicago, despite school policy. In the film, Hughes gave us several cinematic moments that call us to reexamine our lives. The most notable of these moments is when Ferris Bueller introduces, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” In an age of rapidly evolving technology, both distracting and consuming our attention, we find ourselves in a constant rush juggling an endless list of priorities each day. Too often, this causes us to forget that life is what’s happening right now. It’s as though we are riding in a car – we are either on our way back from somewhere or on our way to somewhere new. […]

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Life is Curly so Stop Trying to Straighten it Out

Last Sunday I dropped my daughter off at a culinary camp in Chicago—a four hour drive from Indianapolis.After arriving in Chicago, we spent 3 hours touristing Michigan Ave and Navy Pier in 90 degree heat before arriving at her camp dorm downtown. The counselor scanned her list and shook her head:“Your daughter’s name is not on our list.” These were not the words we wanted to hear after a very long day.While speaking on the phone to the director, she repeated some solutions out loud to us, one being “there’s one empty bed in the boy’s room” (Pah! Over my dead body!).After about 15 minutes of fraught negotiations, my daughter finally secured a bed.Later I spoke to the director myself, who apologized profusely.He ‘fessed up to his mistake, and did an excellent job of soothing our frayed nerves. My daughter and I were both still a bit rattled, and as she and I said goodbye, she gave me the look that said, you’re leaving me here? I pulled myself together and said, “Mistakes happen angel.Part of life. He’s entitled to make them. So are you.” […]

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Yoga – Balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Nearly 5,000 years ago, the desire for heightened self-understanding as well as a healthy, long life gave birth to the classical techniques of Yoga. Interestingly, the word Yoga means “to yoke or to join together,” as the goal of Yoga is to unite the mind and body together in one harmonious experience. Stone carvings indicate the people of ancient India utilized these mental, spiritual, and physical disciplines for the sole purpose of attaining spiritual tranquility. My first introduction to Yoga came along unexpectedly from curiosity about a family friend. Throughout my life, I observed this woman juggle the responsibilities of being a lawyer, mother, wife, and friend. Each time, I could not help but notice her calm demeanor and temperament. I wanted to know her approach to healthy living. It was Yoga! While there was so much I did not know about it, I found Yoga to be challenging, mysterious, and captivating.  I had to learn its secrets. […]

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For Chris Riester, Service is more than an 8-5 Job

At the age of 37, Chris Riester, Vice President of Development at dotStaff LLC, answered a call, a call to duty. Chris is not only an accomplished business man; he is a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and a patriotic American. Chris has always felt the need to serve his country, so when opportunity presented itself this time, Chris accepted the challenge. This involved embarking on an entirely new adventure, becoming an active member of the United States Coast Guard. First, we must ask, “Why did Chris feel this drive to join the military?”  While the answer is multifaceted, looking into his family history explains much of Chris’ motivation.  Chris’ grandfather served in WWII and his father served in Vietnam. This family commitment to duty fostered his great passion for our country.  He firmly believes that every citizen should serve. […]

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