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dotStaff’s New Website is Live!

We are excited to be live with our new dotStaff website! The site has been enhanced to make it easier for visitors to get in contact with dotStaff. Feel free to visit and let us know if you have any questions. […]

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Showcase Showdown – dotStaff’s Top 10 Posts of 2011

2011 has been an exciting year for the dotStaff blog. From contingent labor management and cost reduction to managed service provider programs and value added services, here are some 2011 highlights of the dotStaff blog in review: 1.    Client Service – The Game Changer  Published on January 3, 2011 by Dave Stenger, VP of Professional Services at dotStaff Things like managing contingent labor, bringing efficiency to temporary labor processes, and helping to ensure Independent Contractor compliance can seem insignificant, but for an organization that cares about the details, it’s a game changer. […]

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dotStaff Supports Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation

Remember the excitement you experienced as a child when you awoke on Christmas morning, anxious to discover what all was contained in the brightly wrapped packages neatly labeled with your name!?  Would it be a cool new game, a beautiful doll, or that special toy you had always wanted? Sadly, not everyone has such good memories.  As much as they might want to, not every family is able to provide that storybook Christmas experience.  Many children go without receiving anything.  You can help though! […]

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Now Hiring – Customer Support Representative at dotStaff

We are currently seeking a Customer Support Representative with excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Must be energetic, enjoy customer interaction, and host excellent problem solving skills. Duties and Responsibilities: Inbound/Outbound client calls Customer software support Product education Client interaction will be required Data entry Product configuration Light manual testing Software defect escalation (identification and research) […]

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dotStaff is Requesting Your Help

dotStaff is now requesting your help in the form of pasta, rice, and spice donations. Did you know?  More than 1 in 10 Hoosier households face food insecurity.  This means these households do not know from where their next meals will come.  Enter, local organization, Second Helpings.  Second Helpings has provided nearly 5.5 million meals in 2011 alone. Second Helpings has also graduated more than 400 adults from their Culinary Job Training Program.  As a result, restaurants all over the city of Indianapolis, and surrounding areas, have a workforce of individuals in the ready experienced, in entry level kitchen service. […]

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Teaching an Old Pony New Tricks

My friend John struggles with his boss.  He claims she is quick to criticize him, and takes for granted the things he does well.  Discouraged, he complains about her every time we talk.  “Listen to what Stacy did today!  She drives me nuts.”  Whenever he tells the story, he is the victim and Stacy is the bully. What’s interesting to me is John is an Event Planner for several Fortune 500 companies, traveling all over the country creating memorable events, telling lots of important people what to do.  But when it comes time to go toe-to-toe with his boss, things get fuzzy for him. […]

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To Multi-task or Not to Multi-task, Part Three

In the final part of the series on Multi-tasking, we will now examine the impact that multi-tasking has on relationships. More specifically, let’s focus on what happens when one “multi-tasks in the presence of another person.” Have you ever found yourself emailing or checking messages on your phone while someone was trying to talk to you in person or on the phone? Has someone ever done this to you? Personally, I can’t count the number of times when I was multi-tasking while someone was trying to talk to me. Even though my actions were normally unintentional, I always had to ask the person to repeat what was said to me since I was “half listening.” […]

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To Multi-task or Not to Multi-task, Part Two

In Part one of the series on multi-tasking, we examined the reasons why many people multi-task. Let’s now shift our focus to examine the next important question related to multi-tasking: Can the brain effectively do to two things at once? While multi-tasking can give a false illusion of efficiency, it significantly hinders our ability to apply sustained focus and attention to each task. Recent evidence from 2010 at the University of Queensland in Australia indicates that individuals experience a fundamental bottleneck in their capacity to perform multiple conscious activities at the same time. This bottleneck occurs in the frontal cortex, which acts as a stopping location, preventing the brain from processing information from multiple tasks simultaneously. […]

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To Multi-task or Not to Multi-task, Part One

Recently, I found myself in what could have been a serious automobile accident. For the third time this month, I had been driving next to an individual attempting to text while driving. Given the state of Indiana’s new law which bans one from reading, writing, and sending text messages while driving, I was highly alarmed. It was hard for me to understand how this man felt capable of performing the visual tasks of driving and texting simultaneously. This is one of several behaviors that I refer to as “multi-tasking,” when one attempts to perform two tasks simultaneously. These instances I’ve had with other drivers led me to examine the act of multi-tasking in the context of our rapidly evolving technological society.  In doing this, several questions came to mind: […]

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When You Try Your Best, but You Don’t Succeed

A few days ago, I was on a bike ride with one of my friends. The country roads and solitude of Zionsville, Indiana provide a great escape from the busy world. As we journeyed along the narrow, wooded roads, we began to reminisce on the beginning days of our cycling lives. I was reminded of an experience I had had when I was first learning how to ride with clips. For those of you non-riders, this is when the rider’s shoes clip into the bike pedals when riding. Essentially, one’s body feels attached to the bicycle. For some reason, I thought it would be easy for me to learn how to tackle riding with clips on our first team 42 mile ride during the winter. I thought, “I’m a natural when it comes to sports. How hard could this really be?” I had done plenty of long rides before without clips, so I did not see how they could possibly change my riding dynamic that much. […]

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