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Who’ll give me $3, $2, who’ll give me $1? Going once, going twice – Sold

The market is ever changing. How do you know you are paying the correct rate for your temporary or contract labor? How are you ensuring that you get the best available talent? The Traditional Vendor Management approach begins by establishing standard rate cards by job category. In many cases this is done with a onetime reverse auction, where vendors bid a rate for a specific job category. It has nothing to do with the actual person (talent) that might someday fill that job. If you are the lucky winner, you’ve likely provided the cheapest price for that category and have earned the right to fill all such positions for the life of the contract.  That’s exciting for the provider until the market shifts and they can no longer find the talent needed for that price. […]

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You Improve the Things you Measure, Part II

      Back in my undergraduate days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,  on a Friday night you’d walk with hand-wringing dread past a certain bar called The Red Shed on State Street.  Happy drunk fellas sat on their stools holding up huge posters rating your looks from 1 to 10.  In an instant, you felt like [...]

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Quit Arguing with Reality!

Oh Anthony Bourdain! My first impression of you was not so good.  You struck me as a man’s man—and not someone I could relate to.  Then my daughter started watching your TV show No Reservations during her snow days this week, and she wouldn’t even look up at me when I came home from work.  [...]

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What Types of Organizations Can Benefit from a Vendor Management System?

Vendor Management Systems have been around for years in a variety of forms and service models.   However, it is only in the last few years that they have gained significant traction in organizations processing less than $150MM in contingent labor spend. These organizations represent a emerging market that recognizes the importance of managing the process efficiencies and costs associated with contingent labor spend of all sizes. In fact, an organization that underestimates the cost and inefficiencies associated with this labor segment can miss out on immediate improvement  to earnings per share (EPS). So what is happening in this emerging market that makes contingent labor management solutions so appealing? Several things! […]

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Give an Inch, Gain a Pie.

When my daughter was 8, she became obsessed with baking.  She wanted to bake bread, pie, cookies, cakes, and in particular, anything with chocolate.  I let her do it on occasion, but often re-directed her to other activities, because I was afraid she would become unhealthy.  I had a whole ‘nother plan for my brilliant high-achieving daughter, who impressed all her teachers, got As in everything, had exceptional test scores.  She kept wanting to bake though—that was her passion.  When I whispered my fear about her developing unhealthy attitudes about food to my sister-in-law Lauren, she said, “you really need to re-think that.”  Her suggestion woke me up from my slumber regarding  my daughter’s passion.  I had to make some adjustments though, and it required a leap of faith.  I accepted the fact she might gain weight, and I determined I would support her regardless of the outcome. […]

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A Formula for Chutzpah

As a dotStaff™ trainer, I am responsible for introducing new system users to our VMS, though occasionally people escape my clutches. Recently, a new vendor dove into dotStaff™ without benefit of training. “Han Solo” made so many mistakes setting things up for his temps that the program manager and I, in the wake of broken bits, raced to fix things as soon as he broke them.  Afterwards, the manager said, “it would be so nice if they would ask BEFORE trying to do it on their own. ”  I asked, “But where would the world be, without such chutzpah!?” I love people with chutzpah.  In Yiddish it means “shameless audacity,”  or  “Courage bordering on arrogance.” In fact, instead of FailBlog, I wish someone would start a ChutzpahBlog.  Who cares about someone falling into a fountain?  What if someone had captured Rosa Parks refusing to get out of her seat? Acts of chutzpah completely inspire me. […]

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The Trend Says Full Steam Ahead

I remember when I first began in the VMS industry and spoke to staffing suppliers serving the mid market. Often, the supplier would initially indicate that they were unwilling to participate in a staffing program requiring the use of a VMS. Since that time, the use of VMS in the mid- market has grown significantly and the trend continues to point toward growth. Today, I not only see those suppliers rethink their positions and begin to work with VMS, but now find them scrambling to determine their roles in the VMS market. Since the first day dotStaff™ hit the market, one of our primary marketing messages has been “Relationships Matter”.  In the industry today, we see a shift,  forced by the increased number of mid-market companies using VMS. That shift is a move from the relationship between supplier and client to a relationship between supplier and VMS/MSP.  Staffing companies are now reviewing ways to increase their business portfolios by becoming MSP (Managed Service Providers) and focusing not just on staffing, but also on managing the entire staffing supply chain. To that end, dotStaff™ has positioned itself nicely as a technology partner and as an industry and MSP mentor. […]

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Independently Wealthy is a good thing, right? Maybe there are exceptions.

It was nearly a decade ago when I first walked into an organization that had a front desk serving two companies. I’m not sure I would have noticed if it wasn’t for the fact that I had just visited the other company the day before and was greeted by the same person. On closer examination, I saw multiple logos at the front desk.  When I got into the meeting I was scheduled in, I asked the obvious question. Why did I come to two different companies that greeted me with the same person? The answer was simple: Economics. We cohabitate space with multiple companies that are at various stages of growth and all benefit from sharing costs associated with basic business services. […]

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Beginner’s Luck

We like being seen as competent at what we do.  We really like being seen as exceptional.  What we don’t like, and avoid at all costs, is being seen as a beginner.  The thing is, without being a beginner first, you can never become exceptional at something. As a trainer here at dotStaff™, I notice some clients who have employees who will do anything they can to avoid working in our software.   Either because of their anxiety with learning new software, or because they feel they don’t have time, they decline invitations to train, deciding instead to just “wing it.”  What happens when they do that?  It causes payment delays  to the vendor.  So much depends on both clients and vendors using our system correctly, to keep the payment process flowing.  If one side drops the ball because they’re unfamiliar with the process, payment will be delayed. […]

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You Improve the Things You Measure: Measure the Right Things

If you don’t measure it, chances are you won’t improve it. When things are tracked or measured behavior changes. For example: When was the last time you closed out Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or put your cell phone down because a co-worker or boss walked up to your desk? Yes, when things are being watched, they tend to change and in most cases, improve. Likewise, when business practices are measured, they tend to improve. So what should we measure? Often, industries have their own well known metrics they watch, but are those really the measures of importance? I tend to believe they are not. While I accept the premise that many have come before us and have established standard metrics and minimally acceptable performance standards, my sense is that these are the measures that allow us to be as good as everyone else; otherwise known as “the same”. Corporate objectives and mission statements generally do not refer to success as being as good as the others! […]

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