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Leveraging Partnership as a Growth Strategy

You are building a business. You desire growth. Correct?  If you are building a church or synagogue, you desire growth, correct?  And if you are building a well-rounded life, you desire growth. Growth is a good thing. It drives new innovation, new opportunity, and in a company it brings new faces with new input and creativity. If the growth stops, the fun stops. Things become mundane. […]

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Do U Txt in Ur Forml Wrtng?

Writing is the expression of meaning and sharing of information through the use of symbols. It functions as a way for people to communicate in order to share information, experiences, and emotions. The year 1992 marks the beginning of a phenomenon that entirely changed written communication, Short Message Service (also referred to as “texting”). With 2.4 billion active users, this text communication service component of a mobile phone device is the most widely used data application in the world. Youth in particular, are embracing this written communication, and they are writing more than ever before. While texting can be a wonderful tool for social communication, lately I have observed how it affects youth development. […]

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June – The Month of the Rose

While the arrival of June often reminds us of Father’s Day, Flag Day, June bugs, and the start of summer, June is also the month of the rose. But when did these beautiful flowers start to appear? The first wild rose bushes appeared in 900 B.C. on hillsides from the Mediterranean to Asia. Alexander the Great was one of the first individuals to study botany, and he grew roses in every country that he conquered. In ancient times, the Greeks associated the rose with the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and thus the rose symbolized love and beauty. Roses and images of roses have also been found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians, and it has been suggested that Cleopatra slept on a bed of roses. […]

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Rainy Days and Mondays

When Roger Nichols and Paul Williams wrote “Rainy Days and Mondays” in 1971 for the Carpenters, it’s possible that they were really writing about Indianapolis, 40 years later. June is around the corner and in the beautiful Midwest, with what seems like nonstop rain, a new season has been created. We have gone from winter straight to “Rainy Days and Mondays”. This rainy season didn’t arrive like a lion and you can forget about going out like a lamb or anything else… No matter who you talk with, it’s hard not to talk about all of the rain we’re having. If there is a bright side, we’ve seen all varieties of rain, from a mist to sheets of rain blowing sideways.  I know this from working in my yard last weekend. […]

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As the Saying Goes – Time Is Money

We spend time.  We invest time.  We value time.  Yes, time is money.  We know this; we all know this. So, if time is money, then saving time is probably a good thing, right?  Well, we believe so. At dotStaff™, our goal is to provide the best and most effective means for managing contingent labor assignments, time worked, contracts, and invoices.  To that point, our valued user community is a driving force and inspiration for product improvements and enhancements. […]

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How is a Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL3 LTD road bike like dotStaff?

Picture this… A cyclist in search of a new road bike for his racing competitions Needs: A bike allowing him to get the right ride at the right pace for the right environment Cure: A Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL3 LTD road bike A company in search of a way to manage their contingent labor Needs: Something/Someone [...]

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A Always, B Be, C Consulting

It was Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross that said it best, “A Always, B Be, C Consulting.” Did I get that right? Actually, Blake, Alec’s character, said “A Always, B Be, C Closing,” but that was 19 years ago when the buyer was very different then in 2011. The way your sales staff positions your staffing company has become increasingly important. Are you focusing efforts on better establishing your staffing company as a consultant instead of the ever dreaded “body-shop”? Do your clients currently look to you for assistance or as an expert regarding their contingent labor? […]

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The View is Always Better From the Top

My alpha cat Annie loves to perch on top of my kitchen cabinets, taking stock of her world. From on high, she is invulnerable to unseen forces, a power position that unleashes her versatility:  She can pounce on a fly, chatter at a bird outside, and keep her sister out of mischief down below.  Atop my kitchen cabinets, she’s the queen of the jungle: Annie’s high-level view of her world has a lot in common with the view of dotStaff™ Users.  It’s this high-level, world-at-the-fingertips view that distinguishes our software from other VMSs in the industry. Once implementation completes, Users’ contingent labor data is now organized in a more powerful way that also provides them easy access.   How? […]

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Where is my money?

Have you ever missed a pay check you were expecting or failed to receive a refund you were due? Did you ever send in a rebate coupon too late? I can top those minor difficulties: Did you ever have 100 temporary resources placed at a client site only to learn your client was implementing a vendor management program where you would no longer have visibility to your payments and couldn’t contact the client? When you called about timing of payment, did the MSP (Managed Service Provider) tell you they hadn’t gotten paid from the client yet and were they unwilling to give you an invoice number so you could call your client? […]

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The Rewards of Uncertainty

Lately I  find myself avoiding a couple projects: completing my taxes (April 15th approaches . . . .) and making some enhancements to my training program.   My resistance, I realized,  was tied to feelings of uncertainty.  Deliverance came over the weekend in the form of a brown picnic basket. On Saturday, my daughter and I watched the Chopped Championship.  If you’re unfamiliar with  Chopped on The Food Network, four guest chefs compete by preparing a basket-full of seemingly incompatible ingredients, such as catfish, tomatillos, marshmallows and rutabagas.  The chefs have 20-30 minutes to create a dish that is delicious, inventive, and pleasing to the eye. After each round, one person is eliminated.   If you are the winner, you win $10,000.  On Saturday  the winners faced off with each other.  The grand prize would be $50,000. […]

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