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Recipe for Reducing Contingent Labor Spend by Nearly 20%

As the holidays approach, I always enjoy trying new food recipes. From Family Fun to the Food Network, the food arena certainly does not lack variety when it comes to cooking and baking. What about when it comes to the contingent labor arena though? Is there a recipe for reducing contingent labor costs? At dotStaff, our innovative recipe allows companies to reduce contingent labor spend and to maintain service quality and valued vendor partnerships simultaneously. Here are the core ingredients of our recipe: […]

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Why Time Entry is a Very Big Deal

When a traditional system for time-keeping and attendance tracking no longer meets the needs at hand, the dotStaff™ vendor management software is the solution.  With dotStaff™, one can keep time, track attendance, and manage payroll automatically and easily! Our self-serve structure allows users to enter and to track time worked quickly and easily, which reduces administrative responsibilities and costs. This full-featured system not only keeps time but also tracks attendance and offers customizable reporting options, which provides benefits for all parties involved: […]

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We Are Thankful for Our Relationships – Relationships Matter

For many, the Thanksgiving holiday conjures up images of pumpkin pie, merrymaking, shopping, family dinners, and watching football with friends and loved ones. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to appreciate all for whom and what we are truly grateful. At dotStaff, we are most thankful for our relationships and our ability to serve others – We recognize that above all material things, people are most special. […]

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Automate and Optimize Your Entire Temp. Labor Process

There IS a way to bring real-time management and accountability to your contingent labor processes! Through its comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-implement technology, dotStaff™ provides outstanding visibility which incorporates detailed, real-time management and accountability into your temporary labor processes. Our customizable, web-based Active Server Program Vendor Management System (VMS) organizes sourcing, time tracking, and payments to ensure clients have access to the “right resource at the right time for the right price.” […]

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Value Added Services, That Little Something Extra

At dotStaff, we highly value client feedback. Not only does it inform us of areas where we can improve and further develop, but it ultimately demonstrates areas where we have built trust and excelled. One of the highest compliments we often receive from clients is that we bring variety to our Value Added Services. Therefore, we are continuously developing ways to add that “little something extra.” The dotStaff™ solution provides the following key Value Added Services: […]

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There’s More To Project Management, But It Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

You have a project, need a resource, but aren’t permitted to hire, so what are you to do? Contact a contingent labor supplier! In fact, contact the one that stopped by last week to see if you needed any resources on any of your projects. Why not? It would get the project completed with only the cost of the resource and want to know the best part? – After the project is complete, your costs are reduced. It’s a great thing. Move forward. Next thing you know, you are hearing about new processes being put in place for a variety of reasons: […]

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Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Get

When considering a transaction, typically price is what comes to the consumer’s mind first. After examining the item in question is done, one looks for the price tag thinking, “what would I have to pay to get this?”  However, the exchange involves more than what is superficially identified as the price. Price is typically the least reliable tool to determine whether or not one is getting value. How else then can value be defined in the context of a transaction? At dotStaff, here are a few of our philosophies about value: Value is… […]

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I Want It All

Want to gain efficiency, reduce cost, increase profits, gain greater insight, reduce performance issues, decrease turnover, and eliminate risk from Independent Contractor non-compliance?  Join the club.  It seems that everyone wants these things; unfortunately, when organizations improve in one or two of these areas, they often lose ground in others. How do you gain in all?  As I said, join the club. You’ll find a fresh perspective. The club has been remodeled!  Hand these objectives to experts in the business and keep your company focused on your core business expertise. […]

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What a Reverse Auction Can Do for YOU

As a trainer here at dotStaff™, my favorite moment in my training presentation arrives early on, when I point out our Reverse Auction feature.  “A reverse what?,”  you say.  The phrase “reverse auction” is like a 97% chocolate bar, almost too rich to get your head around.  Think of it like eBay, only in reverse.  To better illustrate, here’s how it works:  In the job board table, both the Client and Vendor have the ability to see the lowest bill rate submitted to date. This allows the vendor to decide if they want to submit at a lower rate. I used to believe that this feature is more advantageous for our Clients than our Vendors.  But not anymore.  Here’s what this feature looks like in dotStaff™: […]

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You Only Get What You Give

The New Radicals had it right in their classic 1998 debut single, “You Get What You Give.” While the song focuses on seeking opportunity and persevering, I feel that we can apply this simple line, “You get what you give” to the world of social media. From Facebooking to Tweets, getting LinkedIn to Blogging, or YouTube-ing to Foursquare check-ins, the process of deciding how best to engage can make one’s head spin. Here are a few ways that all of us can incorporate the “you get what you give” philosophy in online presence: […]

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