Contingent Labor Solutions

Managing Labor Maximizes Return on Workforce

Encompassing temporary, part-time, outsourced/offshore workers and independent contractors, mastering the management of this component of the workforce is no simple task. Without a streamlined business process in place, organizations can face revenue leakage, expensive lawsuits, non-compliance issues, and several other risks along their journey. As a result of our commitment to create a better, more effective contingent workforce solution, our unique approach to vendor management provides organizations with a mechanism for addressing challenges and creating opportunities. […]

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Streamlining in Swimming Has Much to Teach About Workforce Management

“Streamline” is a word swim instructors and coaches use over and over again. Why? Because they notice the difference between swimmers who streamline and those who do not. A great deal of physical effort, concentration, and flexibility is needed to reach the goal of a perfect streamline, but this swimming technique is fundamental for mastering any stroke for several reasons. Streamlining provides swimmers with better body better control, increases their speed, and is way to use a minimum energy investment for a maximum speed return. […]

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dotStaff VMS Has Advantages Over Traditional VMS Models

On the surface, the traditional vendor management model may appear to offer result-driven functionality, but in reality this model causes more constraints for businesses rather than providing flexibility and transparency. The dotStaff vendor management system solution is one which was developed to combat the constraints of traditional VMS models. Unlike traditional vendor management systems, our VMS model provides a well-defined playing field, the rules of the game, an effective scoring system, and the ability to measure success. […]

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Top Points to Consider When Selecting a VMS Solution

With 2012 in full-swing, organizations are striving to meet their objectives. It is important, now more than ever, for organizations to look for ways to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and better manage their contingent labor workforce. The best way to achieve these objectives is through the use of a vendor management system, a solution for maximizing benefits, tracking vendor performance, and mitigating risk. Not only does the dotStaff vendor management system significantly impact an organization’s bottom line, but it also makes life much easier for employees and management. When considering VMS technologies, organizations should consider the following: […]

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Why Business Intelligence Matters

From supply chain management to financial analysis and accounting, business intelligence has become necessary for properly managing your business. In order to foster growth, reduce costs, and measure program performance, businesses must leverage enterprise data from various systems, applications and databases for the greatest economic advantage. This process of reporting and analysis often requires businesses to aggregate information from a variety of sources in order to meet businesses varying needs and to observe operational patterns. […]

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Common Sense Methodologies Result in Fast Implementation

The implementation process for some systems can be challenging for organizations to complete on time and under budget. At dotStaff, our truly unique and refreshing approach to vendor management solutions combines automated process workflows with common sense methodologies resulting in the industry’s fastest vendor management software (VMS) implementation. Our VMS technology automates and optimizes an entire contingent labor process into a streamlined solution that offers complete “req-to-check” capabilities. We believe the successful implementation of a VMS program requires a keen understanding of the clients’ needs, business objectives and effectively applying practices to ensure a program’s success.  Our implementation strategy incorporates four critical phases, all of which are strategically focused on traceability and risk analysis to force proactive thinking. […]

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The Hardest Man to Buy For

Who hasn’t at some point said: “S/He is so hard to buy for”? At this time of year I hear it more often. It has a different ring to me now days. When I said these words, I was generally speaking of my father. I hated trying to figure out what to buy a man who seemed to need nothing, who was so limited in what he could do and who said “nothing” when someone asked what he wanted. Today, I’d love one more chance to buy him something. For some reason, now that he is no longer with us, it seems so simple. He loved every kind of music. I could buy him a CD. There is no way to go wrong because he loved every kind of music. A CD would be fitting for him because he had no idea what to do with an iPod, and he never touched a computer. […]

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Why the dotStaff Vendor Management System Makes Sense

In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations have experienced increased pressure to “do more for less,” and thus have transitioned from a single vendor to a multi-vendor platform. At dotStaff, we believe a good vendor management system must provide a well defined playing field, the rules of the game, an effective scoring system, and the ability to measure performance and success. With our emphasis on the “Supplier Relationship Management System” approach to vendor management, the dotStaff solution makes sense. A close look at the key features of the dotStaff system demonstrates how the dotStaff Vendor Management System is the leader in providing a platform for managing an entire workforce acquisition process: […]

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How to be a Trend Setter for Vendor Management

When it comes to Vendor Management, dotStaff™ is the trendsetter in the market. Instead of hiding our secrets, we want to share what it takes to be trendsetter. #1.   Unlike traditional vendor models, dotStaff™ seeks to enhance the relationship between hiring managers and vendors. […]

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How We Promote Diversity in Our Supplier Base

When it comes to our supplier base, the dotStaff solution acts as a vehicle for achieving diversity: dotStaff epitomizes “vendor neutral.” Unlike traditional vendor management systems which artificially strip out supplier names from resumes, the dotStaff system provides a variety of client management monitoring capabilities. In order to ensure neutrality, dotStaff operates in an open, diverse environment. Our unique approach allows each hiring manager to select which vendors with whom he/she wishes to work utilizing skill set requirement and areas of responsibility. Therefore, managers are not limited to one vendor. As contingent hiring needs are defined, only the appropriate vendors are automatically notified and can submit available resources for consideration. […]

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