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dotStaff Supports Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation

Remember the excitement you experienced as a child when you awoke on Christmas morning, anxious to discover what all was contained in the brightly wrapped packages neatly labeled with your name!?  Would it be a cool new game, a beautiful doll, or that special toy you had always wanted? Sadly, not everyone has such good memories.  As much as they might want to, not every family is able to provide that storybook Christmas experience.  Many children go without receiving anything.  You can help though! […]

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Philosophy, Weight Loss, and Employee Wellness Programs

The Latin philosopher René Descartes is best known for introducing the phrase Cogito ergo sum which means  “I think, therefore I am.” As I read with excitement about our company’s Wellness Program Committee’s plans, I further associated this phrase with a modern phrase, “You are what you eat.” While trying to balance family, work, and personal time, professional and personal communications (via cell phones and social networking), as well as short and long-term financial goals is complex, balancing one’s diet and health is also challenging.  Even with the countless conveniences of modern technology, several people still seem unsatisfied and unhealthy. […]

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Rainy Days and Mondays

When Roger Nichols and Paul Williams wrote “Rainy Days and Mondays” in 1971 for the Carpenters, it’s possible that they were really writing about Indianapolis, 40 years later. June is around the corner and in the beautiful Midwest, with what seems like nonstop rain, a new season has been created. We have gone from winter straight to “Rainy Days and Mondays”. This rainy season didn’t arrive like a lion and you can forget about going out like a lamb or anything else… No matter who you talk with, it’s hard not to talk about all of the rain we’re having. If there is a bright side, we’ve seen all varieties of rain, from a mist to sheets of rain blowing sideways.  I know this from working in my yard last weekend. […]

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Life is a Sprint

Leaving our house before 5:00 on a cold January morning with my daughter for a west coast college visit, I could not help but thoroughly enjoy what turned out to be a conversation that would ensue on and off for several hours. She expressed anxiousness about the speed with which high school passed… had she done the right things to prepare herself for college (the “right college”), what did she miss, what does she still have time to do that would improve her competitive odds at attending her schools of choice? She then expressed similar anxiety regarding college life preparations for her professional career and more clearly defining the many objectives she’s already set for achieving and exceeding her “life goals.” […]

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