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You and a VMS

With the rapidly changing economic climate and shifting demands for efficiency and productivity in the workplace, managing a workforce of hourly, salaried, and contingent workers requires organizations to behave differently. In order to measure and drive performance and tangible business value, a clear framework is necessary. With our internet enabled vendor neutral VMS solution, you can quickly be on your way to having structure, accountability and controls over your vendor-related activities. As a strategic component of contingent workforce management, the dotStaff Vendor Management System incorporates the entire workforce acquisition process from “req to check” in a user-friendly fashion to provide: […]

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So You Want to Be a Vendor in a VMS/MSP Program

For any organization, it is the talent that acts as a key differentiator. If managed and implemented properly, using a vendor management system can be an effective tool for organizations to acquire and enhance top talent, to streamline communication, to increase visibility, and to take advantage of economies of scale. Let’s take time to focus on the role of vendors within in an VMS/MSP program. When choosing to participate in a VMS/MSP program, it’s important for vendors to remember that the client’s needs are of upmost importance. If a vendor wants to participate in a VMS/MSP program, here are some important ways the transition is effective for both the client and the vendor: […]

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Open Communication Ensures Quality Relationships

In the face of an evolving workforce landscape, it is vital for organizations to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and better manage their contingent labor workforce to stay ahead of the competition. Open and effective communication among all parties is essential for ensuring that any workforce management system and process will be productive and successful. […]

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The dotStaff Digest

Welcome back to the dotStaff Digest, the place with all the latest news, trends, and happenings in the staffing industry. This week in staffing… Leslie Stevens-Huffman from Staffing Industry Analysts shares how top managers are using consolidated data to reduce risk or improve business outcomes and cash flow in the blink of an eye. Progressive program managers no longer rely on retroactive reviews of disjointed reports to drive value through their contingent workforce program. […]

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dotStaff Bid Board Can Improve Your Game

With MLB season in full swing, there’s been much hype around the office lately. Whether one is a dedicated fan, a former player, think it’s boring or don’t understand it, baseball scoreboards are a very important part of the game. There are probably several times when scoreboards have brought several of us to the edge of our seats and caused us to cry tears of victory or defeat. An impressive scoreboard shows the team and fans how much the organization and sponsors care about them. It has the power to turn casual fans into even bigger fans and motivates the players to perform better when the game gets serious. […]

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Vendor Neutrality – Foundation of a MSP / VMS Solution

When it comes to temporary labor management, partnering with a Managed Service Provider such as dotStaff who utilizes a unique Vendor Management System provides outstanding visibility, detailed real-time management and accountability to the entire temporary workforce process. In our specialized and focused business model, our vendor-neutral MSP/VMS solution manages an organization’s entire procurement process without any bias or favor to the vendor population. […]

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Winning the Procurement Race

It can take a race car driver months to design and build a race car that maximizes its performance on a track. A race car must be driven a particular way to reach peak performance. This becomes much more complicated when there are lots of other talented drivers in the race. Winning the race requires much more than a well-designed race car and an experienced driver. […]

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Improved: Vendor Performance And Resource Quality

In order to effectively manage a contingent labor workforce, organizations must have processes and systems in place to meet changing economic demands and stay ahead of the competition. Without a proven, streamlined process, obtaining the highest quality resources and improving efficiencies can take away from other core business objectives.  Challenge:  Improving vendor performance and resource quality – Without a system for matching skill sets to job openings, automating the importing of resumes or tracking vendor performance, organizations cannot be guaranteed quality resource acquisition. […]

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Go Fish, in the Vendor Pool

As the economy has experienced dramatic shifts in the past few years, there’s an increasing need for managers to pay closer attention to their organization’s vendor pool. The situation can be compared to the classic card game, Go Fish. In Go Fish, five to seven cards are dealt to each player, and the remaining cards are shared between the players, usually sprawled out in a “pool” or “draw pile.” The object of the game is to collect four cards of the same rank called “books.” The player with the most card books at the end of the game wins. […]

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The dotStaff Digest

Welcome back to the 4th edition of the dotStaff Digest, the place for you to find all the latest news, trends and happenings in the staffing industry! This week in staffing… Alexandra Levit of the New York Times communicates why the independent workforce is on the rise and how even traditional corporate employees can shape themselves into model contingent workers. […]

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