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Vendors in an MSP Program – A Squirrel and a Bird Feeder

One of our clients chuckled as he told us that “vendors in a managed service program are like a squirrel looking at a bird feeder.” It’s only a matter of time before they find the next way to get around it. Why do vendors try so hard to work around Managed Service Programs? Simple – traditional vendor management approaches have taught them some painful lessons. Lessons such as: price, price, price, talent isn’t an issue, and temp labor is a commodity. […]

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The Hardest Man to Buy For

Who hasn’t at some point said: “S/He is so hard to buy for”? At this time of year I hear it more often. It has a different ring to me now days. When I said these words, I was generally speaking of my father. I hated trying to figure out what to buy a man who seemed to need nothing, who was so limited in what he could do and who said “nothing” when someone asked what he wanted. Today, I’d love one more chance to buy him something. For some reason, now that he is no longer with us, it seems so simple. He loved every kind of music. I could buy him a CD. There is no way to go wrong because he loved every kind of music. A CD would be fitting for him because he had no idea what to do with an iPod, and he never touched a computer. […]

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How to be a Trend Setter for Vendor Management

When it comes to Vendor Management, dotStaff™ is the trendsetter in the market. Instead of hiding our secrets, we want to share what it takes to be trendsetter. #1.   Unlike traditional vendor models, dotStaff™ seeks to enhance the relationship between hiring managers and vendors. […]

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Value Added Services, That Little Something Extra

At dotStaff, we highly value client feedback. Not only does it inform us of areas where we can improve and further develop, but it ultimately demonstrates areas where we have built trust and excelled. One of the highest compliments we often receive from clients is that we bring variety to our Value Added Services. Therefore, we are continuously developing ways to add that “little something extra.” The dotStaff™ solution provides the following key Value Added Services: […]

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There’s More To Project Management, But It Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

You have a project, need a resource, but aren’t permitted to hire, so what are you to do? Contact a contingent labor supplier! In fact, contact the one that stopped by last week to see if you needed any resources on any of your projects. Why not? It would get the project completed with only the cost of the resource and want to know the best part? – After the project is complete, your costs are reduced. It’s a great thing. Move forward. Next thing you know, you are hearing about new processes being put in place for a variety of reasons: […]

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I Want It All

Want to gain efficiency, reduce cost, increase profits, gain greater insight, reduce performance issues, decrease turnover, and eliminate risk from Independent Contractor non-compliance?  Join the club.  It seems that everyone wants these things; unfortunately, when organizations improve in one or two of these areas, they often lose ground in others. How do you gain in all?  As I said, join the club. You’ll find a fresh perspective. The club has been remodeled!  Hand these objectives to experts in the business and keep your company focused on your core business expertise. […]

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Leveraging Partnership as a Growth Strategy

You are building a business. You desire growth. Correct?  If you are building a church or synagogue, you desire growth, correct?  And if you are building a well-rounded life, you desire growth. Growth is a good thing. It drives new innovation, new opportunity, and in a company it brings new faces with new input and creativity. If the growth stops, the fun stops. Things become mundane. […]

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Where is my money?

Have you ever missed a pay check you were expecting or failed to receive a refund you were due? Did you ever send in a rebate coupon too late? I can top those minor difficulties: Did you ever have 100 temporary resources placed at a client site only to learn your client was implementing a vendor management program where you would no longer have visibility to your payments and couldn’t contact the client? When you called about timing of payment, did the MSP (Managed Service Provider) tell you they hadn’t gotten paid from the client yet and were they unwilling to give you an invoice number so you could call your client? […]

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Who’ll give me $3, $2, who’ll give me $1? Going once, going twice – Sold

The market is ever changing. How do you know you are paying the correct rate for your temporary or contract labor? How are you ensuring that you get the best available talent? The Traditional Vendor Management approach begins by establishing standard rate cards by job category. In many cases this is done with a onetime reverse auction, where vendors bid a rate for a specific job category. It has nothing to do with the actual person (talent) that might someday fill that job. If you are the lucky winner, you’ve likely provided the cheapest price for that category and have earned the right to fill all such positions for the life of the contract.  That’s exciting for the provider until the market shifts and they can no longer find the talent needed for that price. […]

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What Types of Organizations Can Benefit from a Vendor Management System?

Vendor Management Systems have been around for years in a variety of forms and service models.   However, it is only in the last few years that they have gained significant traction in organizations processing less than $150MM in contingent labor spend. These organizations represent a emerging market that recognizes the importance of managing the process efficiencies and costs associated with contingent labor spend of all sizes. In fact, an organization that underestimates the cost and inefficiencies associated with this labor segment can miss out on immediate improvement  to earnings per share (EPS). So what is happening in this emerging market that makes contingent labor management solutions so appealing? Several things! […]

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