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Common Sense Methodologies Result in Fast Implementation

The implementation process for some systems can be challenging for organizations to complete on time and under budget. At dotStaff, our truly unique and refreshing approach to vendor management solutions combines automated process workflows with common sense methodologies resulting in the industry’s fastest vendor management software (VMS) implementation. Our VMS technology automates and optimizes an entire contingent labor process into a streamlined solution that offers complete “req-to-check” capabilities. We believe the successful implementation of a VMS program requires a keen understanding of the clients’ needs, business objectives and effectively applying practices to ensure a program’s success.  Our implementation strategy incorporates four critical phases, all of which are strategically focused on traceability and risk analysis to force proactive thinking. […]

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dotStaff’s New Website is Live!

We are excited to be live with our new dotStaff website! The site has been enhanced to make it easier for visitors to get in contact with dotStaff. Feel free to visit and let us know if you have any questions. […]

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Showcase Showdown – dotStaff’s Top 10 Posts of 2011

2011 has been an exciting year for the dotStaff blog. From contingent labor management and cost reduction to managed service provider programs and value added services, here are some 2011 highlights of the dotStaff blog in review: 1.    Client Service – The Game Changer  Published on January 3, 2011 by Dave Stenger, VP of Professional Services at dotStaff Things like managing contingent labor, bringing efficiency to temporary labor processes, and helping to ensure Independent Contractor compliance can seem insignificant, but for an organization that cares about the details, it’s a game changer. […]

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Why the dotStaff Vendor Management System Makes Sense

In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations have experienced increased pressure to “do more for less,” and thus have transitioned from a single vendor to a multi-vendor platform. At dotStaff, we believe a good vendor management system must provide a well defined playing field, the rules of the game, an effective scoring system, and the ability to measure performance and success. With our emphasis on the “Supplier Relationship Management System” approach to vendor management, the dotStaff solution makes sense. A close look at the key features of the dotStaff system demonstrates how the dotStaff Vendor Management System is the leader in providing a platform for managing an entire workforce acquisition process: […]

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dotStaff Supports Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation

Remember the excitement you experienced as a child when you awoke on Christmas morning, anxious to discover what all was contained in the brightly wrapped packages neatly labeled with your name!?  Would it be a cool new game, a beautiful doll, or that special toy you had always wanted? Sadly, not everyone has such good memories.  As much as they might want to, not every family is able to provide that storybook Christmas experience.  Many children go without receiving anything.  You can help though! […]

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How We Promote Diversity in Our Supplier Base

When it comes to our supplier base, the dotStaff solution acts as a vehicle for achieving diversity: dotStaff epitomizes “vendor neutral.” Unlike traditional vendor management systems which artificially strip out supplier names from resumes, the dotStaff system provides a variety of client management monitoring capabilities. In order to ensure neutrality, dotStaff operates in an open, diverse environment. Our unique approach allows each hiring manager to select which vendors with whom he/she wishes to work utilizing skill set requirement and areas of responsibility. Therefore, managers are not limited to one vendor. As contingent hiring needs are defined, only the appropriate vendors are automatically notified and can submit available resources for consideration. […]

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Recipe for Reducing Contingent Labor Spend by Nearly 20%

As the holidays approach, I always enjoy trying new food recipes. From Family Fun to the Food Network, the food arena certainly does not lack variety when it comes to cooking and baking. What about when it comes to the contingent labor arena though? Is there a recipe for reducing contingent labor costs? At dotStaff, our innovative recipe allows companies to reduce contingent labor spend and to maintain service quality and valued vendor partnerships simultaneously. Here are the core ingredients of our recipe: […]

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Why Time Entry is a Very Big Deal

When a traditional system for time-keeping and attendance tracking no longer meets the needs at hand, the dotStaff™ vendor management software is the solution.  With dotStaff™, one can keep time, track attendance, and manage payroll automatically and easily! Our self-serve structure allows users to enter and to track time worked quickly and easily, which reduces administrative responsibilities and costs. This full-featured system not only keeps time but also tracks attendance and offers customizable reporting options, which provides benefits for all parties involved: […]

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We Are Thankful for Our Relationships – Relationships Matter

For many, the Thanksgiving holiday conjures up images of pumpkin pie, merrymaking, shopping, family dinners, and watching football with friends and loved ones. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to appreciate all for whom and what we are truly grateful. At dotStaff, we are most thankful for our relationships and our ability to serve others – We recognize that above all material things, people are most special. […]

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Automate and Optimize Your Entire Temp. Labor Process

There IS a way to bring real-time management and accountability to your contingent labor processes! Through its comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-implement technology, dotStaff™ provides outstanding visibility which incorporates detailed, real-time management and accountability into your temporary labor processes. Our customizable, web-based Active Server Program Vendor Management System (VMS) organizes sourcing, time tracking, and payments to ensure clients have access to the “right resource at the right time for the right price.” […]

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