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A Formula for Chutzpah

As a dotStaff™ trainer, I am responsible for introducing new system users to our VMS, though occasionally people escape my clutches. Recently, a new vendor dove into dotStaff™ without benefit of training. “Han Solo” made so many mistakes setting things up for his temps that the program manager and I, in the wake of broken bits, raced to fix things as soon as he broke them.  Afterwards, the manager said, “it would be so nice if they would ask BEFORE trying to do it on their own. ”  I asked, “But where would the world be, without such chutzpah!?” I love people with chutzpah.  In Yiddish it means “shameless audacity,”  or  “Courage bordering on arrogance.” In fact, instead of FailBlog, I wish someone would start a ChutzpahBlog.  Who cares about someone falling into a fountain?  What if someone had captured Rosa Parks refusing to get out of her seat? Acts of chutzpah completely inspire me. […]

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Four Benefits of Blogging

I’m a blogging novice, but in the few short months the dotStaff™  blog has been afloat,  I’ve learned a lot.  I haven’t been this excited about coming to work in a long time.  If you are on the fence about whether to start your company blog, or step up and write  a blog entry,  maybe these four benefits of doing so will ease you into Social Media: 1)      It makes me see my job with fresh eyes.  Because I am expected to generate weekly blog entries, my brain puts things together differently, in pursuit of themes.  It’s like when the grocery store re-organizes their merchandise to get you to change up your buying patterns.  Initially you may feel a bit thrown off, but what they’ve done is given you an opportunity to be more creative and engage in a fresh way.  Now, everything is potential blogging material, because I see associations between things I didn’t see before.  Boy does that make my job more juicy. […]

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Beginner’s Luck

We like being seen as competent at what we do.  We really like being seen as exceptional.  What we don’t like, and avoid at all costs, is being seen as a beginner.  The thing is, without being a beginner first, you can never become exceptional at something. As a trainer here at dotStaff™, I notice some clients who have employees who will do anything they can to avoid working in our software.   Either because of their anxiety with learning new software, or because they feel they don’t have time, they decline invitations to train, deciding instead to just “wing it.”  What happens when they do that?  It causes payment delays  to the vendor.  So much depends on both clients and vendors using our system correctly, to keep the payment process flowing.  If one side drops the ball because they’re unfamiliar with the process, payment will be delayed. […]

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Wag More. Bark Less.

Using specific strategies such as listening, empathizing and pausing, you can transform an angry "barking" customer into a satisfied "wagger" and produce the secondary benefit of building loyalty, good will and referrals.

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