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Go Fish, in the Vendor Pool

As the economy has experienced dramatic shifts in the past few years, there’s an increasing need for managers to pay closer attention to their organization’s vendor pool. The situation can be compared to the classic card game, Go Fish. In Go Fish, five to seven cards are dealt to each player, and the remaining cards are shared between the players, usually sprawled out in a “pool” or “draw pile.” The object of the game is to collect four cards of the same rank called “books.” The player with the most card books at the end of the game wins. […]

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The dotStaff Digest

Welcome back to the 4th edition of the dotStaff Digest, the place for you to find all the latest news, trends and happenings in the staffing industry! This week in staffing… Alexandra Levit of the New York Times communicates why the independent workforce is on the rise and how even traditional corporate employees can shape themselves into model contingent workers. […]

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The dotStaff Digest

Welcome back to the dotStaff Digest, the place with all the latest news, trends, and happenings in the staffing industry. This week in staffing… Sharon Gaudin of Computer World discusses how IT executives aim to comply with worker demands to use social networking tools for job-related tasks. She provides details about how IT managers are struggling to develop strong corporate collaboration plans. […]

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Managing Labor Maximizes Return on Workforce

Encompassing temporary, part-time, outsourced/offshore workers and independent contractors, mastering the management of this component of the workforce is no simple task. Without a streamlined business process in place, organizations can face revenue leakage, expensive lawsuits, non-compliance issues, and several other risks along their journey. As a result of our commitment to create a better, more effective contingent workforce solution, our unique approach to vendor management provides organizations with a mechanism for addressing challenges and creating opportunities. […]

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Streamlining in Swimming Has Much to Teach About Workforce Management

“Streamline” is a word swim instructors and coaches use over and over again. Why? Because they notice the difference between swimmers who streamline and those who do not. A great deal of physical effort, concentration, and flexibility is needed to reach the goal of a perfect streamline, but this swimming technique is fundamental for mastering any stroke for several reasons. Streamlining provides swimmers with better body better control, increases their speed, and is way to use a minimum energy investment for a maximum speed return. […]

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The dotStaff Digest

Welcome to our 2nd edition of the dotStaff Digest, the place with all the latest news, trends, and happenings in the staffing industry. This week in staffing… Eileen Dallabrida of DFMNews discusses how “temping” has a whole new spin as high-powered professionals are increasingly turning to interim positions. Organizations are using temporary workers to help find that perfect match for permanent positions. […]

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dotStaff VMS Has Advantages Over Traditional VMS Models

On the surface, the traditional vendor management model may appear to offer result-driven functionality, but in reality this model causes more constraints for businesses rather than providing flexibility and transparency. The dotStaff vendor management system solution is one which was developed to combat the constraints of traditional VMS models. Unlike traditional vendor management systems, our VMS model provides a well-defined playing field, the rules of the game, an effective scoring system, and the ability to measure success. […]

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Introducing – dotStaff Digest

Stay up to date with the latest news, trends, and happenings in the staffing industry with the dotStaff Digest! This week in staffing… Jared Janes of the Brownsville Herald introduces how staffing agencies nationwide have led the country’s employment recovery, creating more jobs than any other industry since June 2009. Employers faced with increased business activity are turning toward the low commitment option of temporary workers. […]

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Top Points to Consider When Selecting a VMS Solution

With 2012 in full-swing, organizations are striving to meet their objectives. It is important, now more than ever, for organizations to look for ways to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and better manage their contingent labor workforce. The best way to achieve these objectives is through the use of a vendor management system, a solution for maximizing benefits, tracking vendor performance, and mitigating risk. Not only does the dotStaff vendor management system significantly impact an organization’s bottom line, but it also makes life much easier for employees and management. When considering VMS technologies, organizations should consider the following: […]

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Why Business Intelligence Matters

From supply chain management to financial analysis and accounting, business intelligence has become necessary for properly managing your business. In order to foster growth, reduce costs, and measure program performance, businesses must leverage enterprise data from various systems, applications and databases for the greatest economic advantage. This process of reporting and analysis often requires businesses to aggregate information from a variety of sources in order to meet businesses varying needs and to observe operational patterns. […]

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