With the rapidly changing economic climate and shifting demands for efficiency and productivity in the workplace, managing a workforce of hourly, salaried, and contingent workers requires organizations to behave differently. In order to measure and drive performance and tangible business value, a clear framework is necessary. With our internet enabled vendor neutral VMS solution, you can quickly be on your way to having structure, accountability and controls over your vendor-related activities.

As a strategic component of contingent workforce management, the dotStaff Vendor Management System incorporates the entire workforce acquisition process from “req to check” in a user-friendly fashion to provide:

lightbulb drawing dotStaffRisk and Compliance – Our powerful workflow engine provides SOX compliance through audit trails for approvals. Users have the ability to track program objectives such as diversity, hub zone, small business or in-state spend initiatives. This ensures the use of approved suppliers to reduce risk and eliminate off-contract activities.

Accounts Payable – Clients have consolidated invoicing for all contingent labor and outsourced contractors and line items are mapped to their specific G/L codes. These accurate, online accounting records allows clients to accurately allocate contingent labor costs to the appropriate sites. The reduction in the number of invoices and the improved detail included in each invoice dramatically reduce the time required to reconcile.

Cost Reduction – Using the dotStaff VMS, suppliers compete in an open bid environment, with cost savings of up to 20 – 30%. Having a single platform for all departments and spending eliminates “off-contract” spending, bringing costs in line with negotiated contracts and market rates. With a consolidated view of contingent labor spend, users can make more informed decisions about how to best utilize contingent labor.

Vendor Management – The dotStaff technology is based on a very unique “Vendor Relationship Management System” approach to provide suppliers with open access to valuable information. With invoicing and payment data time, automated workflows and performance reporting, vendors are automatically presented with a list of the most qualified candidates based on the results from state-of-the-art parsing technology.

What are you waiting for? You CAN gain control again and leverage your extended workforce strategically all in real time.