For any organization, it is the talent that acts as a key differentiator. If managed and implemented properly, using a vendor management system can be an effective tool for organizations to acquire and enhance top talent, to streamline communication, to increase visibility, and to take advantage of economies of scale.

Let’s take time to focus on the role of vendors within in an VMS/MSP program. When choosing to participate in a VMS/MSP program, it’s important for vendors to remember that the client’s needs are of upmost importance. If a vendor wants to participate in a VMS/MSP program, here are some important ways the transition is effective for both the client and the vendor:

light bulbs one lit dotstaffDevelop a relationship with hiring managers – If vendors want to provide for the client, they should first be respectful of the client’s decision to utilize a VMS to control their contingent labor. Unlike traditional VMS/MSP programs where vendor aren’t allowed to speak with hiring managers, our VMS technology encourages vendors to have open dialogue with clients. Ultimately this allows vendors to gain a full  understanding of position requirements and client needs in order to provide candidates with better fit qualifications. In communicating with clients before, during, and after the requirement process, vendors have the ability to develop long-term relationships in our MSP/VMS programs.

Develop a relationship with the Managed Service Provider – Transitioning over to any VMS/MSP program undoubtedly requires vendors to build a relationship with the MSP. As MSP, the dotStaff team lays out the client’s expectations from the beginning and provides vendors with the tools and training needed to enhance performance. Attention to detail is key as vendors need to read the contract or agreement in place very carefully to know what is expected and required of them. Every VMS is different so vendors who ask questions, get educated on the VMS technology and processes, and educate their staff and temps will be better informed. This will save vendors time and allow them to win more placements.

Show you’re engaged through your participation – An ideal vendor is one who participates in the program. The dotStaff technology provides vendors with countless workforce management features to find QUALITY candidates who are reliable. The key is active engagement. Through participating and responding to positions which one has been invited to bid, vendors can build a better relationship with the client.

In developing strong relationships with the hiring manager and MSP through active engagement, vendors can be the key differentiator in helping their clients meet business objectives.