In the face of an evolving workforce landscape, it is vital for organizations to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and better manage their contingent labor workforce to stay ahead of the competition. Open and effective communication among all parties is essential for ensuring that any workforce management system and process will be productive and successful.

Challenge:  Building, managing and maintaining effective relationships – In order for contingent worker assignments to be managed efficiently, all parties must communicate their present and changing visions while continuously evaluating and developing relationships.

Opportunity: At dotStaff, we recognize the critical importance of maintaining effective communication in client/vendor relationships. From the beginning, we develop open lines of communication with our clients to execute strategies for managing vendors, supplying resources, and improving our service to clients. Our VMS technology solution has automated triggers and direct, streamlined communication, allowing users to build and maintain effective relationships. Regular measurement and performance reports and metrics allow our clients and vendors to measure vendor performance, cost efficiency, and to proactively identify and communicate any business intelligence with us.

piece of the puzzle opening dotstaffAs the workforce roadmap is changing, what challenges have you been faced with? Our goal is to bring contingent labor management expertise to your road map. Please contact us for a free evaluation.