Welcome back to the dotStaff Digest, the place with all the latest news, trends, and happenings in the staffing industry. This week in staffing…

Leslie Stevens-Huffman from Staffing Industry Analysts shares how top managers are using consolidated data to reduce risk or improve business outcomes and cash flow in the blink of an eye. Progressive program managers no longer rely on retroactive reviews of disjointed reports to drive value through their contingent workforce program.

CareerBuilder introduces two primary things managers can do to ensure that new hires immediately fit in with the company culture. Even though you were sure during the hiring process that the new employee could easily “fit” into the workplace, the new hire may not feel the same way right away.

John Sullivan of ERE.net explains the 14 components of an agile talent management strategy. With the rapid and difficult to predict change in the talent marketplace, it is essential for agility planning to be done well.

Martha Heller of CIO articulates how IT management is changing and shares some of the types of experience and knowledge that companies are looking for in CIO candidates – Vendor management experience can make a candidate stand out.

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