With MLB season in full swing, there’s been much hype around the office lately. Whether one is a dedicated fan, a former player, think it’s boring or don’t understand it, baseball scoreboards are a very important part of the game. There are probably several times when scoreboards have brought several of us to the edge of our seats and caused us to cry tears of victory or defeat.

An impressive scoreboard shows the team and fans how much the organization and sponsors care about them. It has the power to turn casual fans into even bigger fans and motivates the players to perform better when the game gets serious.

Our vendor management system provides a powerful “Bid Board” which acts like a scoreboard, providing high level information at a glance to vendors and hiring managers. Depending on your role our scoreboard has different advantages:

 For hiring managers –  With the dotStaff Bid Board, hiring managers can quickly filter and sort through standardized candidate resumes in a table format by candidate name, proposed bill rate, or resume score. The manager can also view or print attached detailed resumes which may accompany the standard parsed resumes if the client has requested for them to be made available in the system. Using the Bid Board, hiring managers can organize and arrange interviews and start dates.

For Vendors –  Using the dotStaff Bid Board, vendors can see all the bids that have been submitted for a position in real time. The Wins/Positions column keeps vendors up to date on what positions have been filled and which ones are still open. With visibility of the lowest bill rate that’s been submitted for a requisition, vendors can decide if they want to submit a candidate at a lower rate.