When it comes to temporary labor management, partnering with a Managed Service Provider such as dotStaff who utilizes a unique Vendor Management System provides outstanding visibility, detailed real-time management and accountability to the entire temporary workforce process. In our specialized and focused business model, our vendor-neutral MSP/VMS solution manages an organization’s entire procurement process without any bias or favor to the vendor population.

Managers are not limited to one vendor. As contingent hiring needs are defined, only the appropriate vendors  are determined by the hiring manager and automatically notified and can submit available resources for consideration.

Core to our vendor-neutral MSP/VMS solution is our emphasis placed on relationships through automated triggers, direct and streamlined communication to vendors with no roadblocks. This open communication offered in our vendor-neutral model enhances the relationships between hiring managers and vendors and helps to ensure the following:

  • Creation of a competitive environment based on performance, which translates to better quality and price.
  • The MSP leverages scale while providing the most effective workforce solution
  • Industry expertise is utilized to expand diversity suppliers

By design, our vendor-neutral MSP/VMS program model is equipped to manage the increasingly complex talent needs of today’s employers. Instead of dealing with several managers and processes within a customer organization, our vendor-neutral MSP/VMS solution provides a streamlined solution for organizations to increase fill times, quality, and a supplier population with greater incentive to participate.