It can take a race car driver months to design and build a race car that maximizes its performance on a track. A race car must be driven a particular way to reach peak performance. This becomes much more complicated when there are lots of other talented drivers in the race. Winning the race requires much more than a well-designed race car and an experienced driver.

No matter how talented the driver is, a racer won’t ever reach his or her full potential without fine tuning a “winning team” of professionals, a crew that’s trained, experienced, staffed, and equipped to develop drivers. Like any good driver and race car, a trained team with proper organization, knowledge of competitors, adequate resources, and a variety of talents is the most valuable asset for any driver. The team’s main responsibility is to provide ongoing coaching, strategies, and techniques to teach drivers how to stay at the head of the pack during the race.

In the race to find the best talent at the best price, hiring and retaining the right talent can be time consuming and challenging for any organization. Instead of trying to drive and to navigate the race alone, organizations can turn to a MSP/VMS team to stay ahead of the pack. At dotStaff, our truly unique approach to contingent labor management ensures quality resource acquisition, allowing organizations to stay ahead of the pack. Our VMS solution has easy to use yet sophisticated skills matching tools allowing hiring managers to focus on only the most appropriate candidates for consideration.

This unique skills matching engine integrated with dotStaff’s exclusive vendor submission board allows “drivers” in our program to have access to the right resource. With the dotStaff MSP/VMS solution support behind organizations during the procurement process, the drivers don’t have to be at the pit stops and handle challenges alone. They can devote more time to candidate selection and interviewing and remain competitive in the race.