For most organizations, aggregating contingent labor spend data across the company takes a massive amount of time and energy. If all the correct data is not gathered, reporting and analysis of contingent labor spend and possible savings will be inaccurate. Our web-based Vendor Management System relieves organizations from this headache by providing in-depth analysis and detailed reports, allowing them to get back to their core business.

In the beginning, our Implementation Team acquires information from all departments, Accounting, Human Resources, corporate leaders, and hiring managers, who will be using the dotStaff Vendor Management System. This provides us with an in-depth view of the client in order to accurately track and report total spend and total savings.

SpendWith dotStaff, clients know exactly how much they are spending, where the money is being spent, and how the money is being spent. Our reports show spend by division or region, by a position or position category, by a manager or drilled down to a specific resource. The business intelligence dotStaff provides becomes vital for our clients when making strategic decisions and accurately forecasting.

Savings – With a single platform, organizations are able eliminate “off-contract” spending, bringing costs in line with negotiated contracts and market rates. dotStaff’s “Bid Board” is the industry’s first competitive bidding environment within a VMS, ensuring quality resources while reducing rates. We track and report on savings, showing our clients their contingent labor spend over time.

With the dotStaff solution, managers have a roadmap of their spend, and they know exactly where, and more importantly when, the money is being spent year over year. Our goal is to provide data organizations need for effective, operational and strategic planning in real time.