In order to effectively manage a contingent labor workforce, organizations must have processes and systems in place to meet changing economic demands and stay ahead of the competition. Without a proven, streamlined process, obtaining the highest quality resources and improving efficiencies can take away from other core business objectives.

 Challenge:  Improving vendor performance and resource quality – Without a system for matching skill sets to job openings, automating the importing of resumes or tracking vendor performance, organizations cannot be guaranteed quality resource acquisition.

Opportunity – At dotStaff, we believe the key to quality in any contingent workforce program is the measurement of performance. Our Vendor Management System provides real-time data to measure resource, vendor, and program performance through tracking spend, compliance, and vendor metrics. The dotStaff vendor management system has an easy to use yet sophisticated skills matching tool to ensure users have the ability to see all active resources, those due to become available, and a queue of candidates that could become available. This unique skills matching engine is integrated with dotStaff’s exclusive “vendor submission board” to ensure the program is managed according to business rules and that the highest quality candidate is selected at the best price.

As the workforce road map is changing, what challenges have you been faced with? Our goal is to bring contingent labor management expertise to your road map. Please contact us for a free evaluation.