Welcome back to the dotStaff Digest, the place with all the latest news, trends, and happenings in the staffing industry. This week in staffing…

Sharon Gaudin of Computer World discusses how IT executives aim to comply with worker demands to use social networking tools for job-related tasks. She provides details about how IT managers are struggling to develop strong corporate collaboration plans.

Jeff Clabaugh of the Washington Business Journal explains why the number of Americans working in the information technology industry has reached an all-time high in March. This marks more than two years of consecutive quarterly growth in IT employment.

Workforce Management introduces how U.S. temporary staffing alone, including direct hire, PEO, and outplacement has risen by nearly 14 percent and displays what industry segments will continue to reach all-time high levels.

Nicole Lewis of Information Week shares how Texas will need an additional 10,000 health IT workers by 2013 in order to meet its goals of implementing and effectively using electronic health records.

Laura Ruane of News Press articulates why the uptick in temporary jobs is a good indicator of overall employment growth and how local temporary staffing executives have indicated that employer expectations have risen since the economic downturn.

Fred O’Connor of PCWorld sheds light on how corporate IT departments depend on a contract workforce in order to maintain flexibility and to meet the work peaks and lulls that accompany a recovering economy.

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