Welcome to our 2nd edition of the dotStaff Digest, the place with all the latest news, trends, and happenings in the staffing industry. This week in staffing…

Eileen Dallabrida of DFMNews discusses how “temping” has a whole new spin as high-powered professionals are increasingly turning to interim positions. Organizations are using temporary workers to help find that perfect match for permanent positions.

Cathy Schafran of MLive shares how hundreds of temporary workers at Flint Assembly are being hired as full-time GM employees. The big change for the temporary-turned-permanent workers is that they will now receive GM benefits.

The San Francisco Chronicle introduces that there are thousands of seasonal jobs available with the U.S. Forest Services and its partners this summer. These jobs will provide economic relief for many unemployed Americans and help stimulate rural local communities.

Mike Barefoot of the Garner News sheds light on how to navigate the job market, where the jobs are, and some helpful tips for job seekers. With IT being at the forefront of demanded talent, the skills that seem to be leading the charge include development and quality assurance.

Anna-Louise Jackson of Bloomberg Businessweek indicates how the U.S. economy has added over 734,000 temporary and permanent jobs between December and February, the largest three month increase since May of 2010.

David Roeder of the Chicago Sun-Times articulates that employers expect to hire more new college graduates this year than they did in 2011. Majority of the hiring is expected to come within four majors: engineering, business, accounting and computer services.

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