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Jared Janes of the Brownsville Herald introduces how staffing agencies nationwide have led the country’s employment recovery, creating more jobs than any other industry since June 2009. Employers faced with increased business activity are turning toward the low commitment option of temporary workers.

Dan Tylan of InfoWorld explains how big data is reshaping jobs in business IT. The data revolution is creating a new breed of hybrid business-IT jobs that blend business knowledge and powerful IT tools.

Janita Stevenson of ABC30 points to how the rise in temporary positions indicates the economy is on an upswing. Surveys indicate that temporary positions lead to full time work nearly three fourths of the time.

The Telegraph sheds light on how shifting economic realities have had a significant impact on traditional hiring methods, creating a large professional contractor pool. The overall blend of traditional employees and contingent workers in the workforce has resulted in a talent boom within specific technical IT domains.

Eileen Smith of the Courier Post articulates why there’s boomlet in hiring for temporary jobs, as commitment-shy employers are trying out workers before offering a full-time position. Hiring temporary personnel is on average 8% less expensive than committing to permanent employees.

Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes displays the top 10 things one should do while unemployed based on a survey among 3,023 hiring managers and human resource professionals. Over 79% of the hiring managers surveyed recommended taking a temporary or contract assignment.

David Gee of Staffing Talk discusses that job posts should be thought of as direct marketing. One of the best ways to get referrals is to be remarkable, and Gee offers advice on how to be interesting with job posts in order for people to share them with others.

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