The implementation process for some systems can be challenging for organizations to complete on time and under budget. At dotStaff, our truly unique and refreshing approach to vendor management solutions combines automated process workflows with common sense methodologies resulting in the industry’s fastest vendor management software (VMS) implementation. Our VMS technology automates and optimizes an entire contingent labor process into a streamlined solution that offers complete “req-to-check” capabilities.

We believe the successful implementation of a VMS program requires a keen understanding of the clients’ needs, business objectives and effectively applying practices to ensure a program’s success.  Our implementation strategy incorporates four critical phases, all of which are strategically focused on traceability and risk analysis to force proactive thinking.

1.  Envisioning – The purpose of this phase is for the Program Manager to perform client interviews and analyze an organization’s processes to determine the client’s business requirements and objectives. This allows the Program Manager to establish and finalize a set of Program Objectives to effectively meet the organization’s needs.

2.  Planning – The goals of planning are to: define functional processes, identify process changes, schedule the program, and begin supporting efforts such as documentation, course development and data collection. In collaboration with the Program Team, the Program Manager creates a rough program schedule and performs the first risk assessment.

3.  Deployment – Throughout this phase, the Program Team uses configuration data identified in the planning phase to complete the technology’s configuration and to process documents required for user education at the client site. Prior to phase completion, reports, interfaces and custom enhancements are completed and testers perform a complete quality review.

4.  Finalization – In the final phase of implementation, the Lead Team completes all process and configuration adjustments, and the client approves all dynamic data so it can be entered into the system. Typically this data includes: resource registration, submission, contract approval, project assignment, cost center, and approving manager associations.

With our highly configurable and proven Vendor Management System, we are committed to deliver a solution
incorporating client specific business rules, approval workflows, templates and reporting requirements for client designated individuals to easily access. Our implementation methodology ensures speedy, implementation providing immediate savings, promoting compliance, and increasing efficiency.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with an innovative framework for completing your implementation on time and under budget.