Who hasn’t at some point said: “S/He is so hard to buy for”? At this time of year I hear it more often. It has a different ring to me now days. When I said these words, I was generally speaking of my father. I hated trying to figure out what to buy a man who seemed to need nothing, who was so limited in what he could do and who said “nothing” when someone asked what he wanted.

Today, I’d love one more chance to buy him something. For some reason, now that he is no longer with us, it seems so simple. He loved every kind of music. I could buy him a CD. There is no way to go wrong because he loved every kind of music. A CD would be fitting for him because he had no idea what to do with an iPod, and he never touched a computer.

On the other hand – I could buy him an iPod. Who cares if he never touched one? I’d just have him keep a list of things he wants to listen to and once a week, go download music for him. He could have easily pushed the play and pause on an iPod. Speaking of music, I might buy him tickets to the symphony. He was limited, but a limo ride to the circle, and someone to walk in and enjoy it wouldn’t be tough. He’d love that.

Why limit things to music? He loved every kind of food, and I never bought him gift certificates for the food he loved because of his dietary constraints. However, that never stopped him from eating what he loved.  I could buy him popcorn. After he unwraps it, I’d go periodically and make it for him. Now that’s a gift. Trust me, I know my dad!

I suspect, no one knew what he wanted any more than I did because I had a relationship, a bond, a trust, and an understanding about the things he liked. You can’t go wrong with that!

And what does this have to do with business and especially, the business of Vendor Management Software? Everything! We differentiate dotStaff™ from the host of other products on the market by recognizing one simple fact: Relationships MatterCompetitors around the world, make a point of severing relationships between the client and the vendor and becoming the big dog at the front door.

It’s hard enough to know what someone wants when you have a relationship. It’s even harder if you don’t. Hey competitors – step aside. We know there is no need to destroy relationships to bring improvement. In fact, we know you can’t bring improvement without them. That is why dotStaff™ remains the mid-market expert for all things contingent labor!

dotStaff™, the VMS that knows Relationships Matter!