In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations have experienced increased pressure to “do more for less,” and thus have transitioned from a single vendor to a multi-vendor platform. At dotStaff, we believe a good vendor management system must provide a well defined playing field, the rules of the game, an effective scoring system, and the ability to measure performance and success.

With our emphasis on the “Supplier Relationship Management System” approach to vendor management, the dotStaff solution makes sense. A close look at the key features of the dotStaff system demonstrates how the dotStaff Vendor Management System is the leader in providing a platform for managing an entire workforce acquisition process:

  • User-friendly web-based time entry and approval – This allows automated workflow from time entry/time clocks to hiring manager approval. Approvals can be completed electronically anytime, anywhere.
  • Vendor resume parsing – The dotStaff technology automates the importing of resumes and provides immediate view of resource capabilities.
  • Real-time email notification to all users – Since relationships are key, our system improves communication and reduces phone calls to hiring managers and procurement administration
  • Automated invoice, purchase order, and time sheet traceability – This feature eliminates manual tie-out of time sheet to purchase order invoice.
  • System Integration – dotStaff allows easy access to data points for interfaces to other systems such as project tracking, finance system, procurement systems, and third part labor input tools.

At dotStaff, we believe vendor management is more than getting the lowest price: We focus developing long term relationships over short term gains and marginal cost savings. In order to have access to the right information, the right decision, at the right time, the dotStaff Vendor Management System makes sense.