When it comes to Vendor Management, dotStaff™ is the trendsetter in the market. Instead of hiding our secrets, we want to share what it takes to be trendsetter.

#1.   Unlike traditional vendor models, dotStaff™ seeks to enhance the relationship between hiring managers and vendors.

 At dotStaff™, we believe relationships matter and are the hallmark of all good business. Rather than to enhance relationships, traditional vendor management systems (VMS) are designed to do just the opposite. These systems are often configured to ensure all communication is filtered through the program office. This is done in the name of “Efficiency Gains,” however; there are consequences. Restricting communication decreases a vendor’s ability to provide the perfect resource. If someone measured the effort that vendors and managers put into “going around the system,” I suspect the result of this communication filter would not qualify as an efficiency gain. Instead, dotStaff™ improves the communication network with automated triggers, direct and streamlined communication to the right person. No roadblocks!

#2.  dotStaff™ epitomizes “vendor neutral.”

Unlike the traditional approach to VMS, the dotStaff™ system does not artificially strip out names from resumes, leaving vendors and hiring managers to facilitate creative and functional work-arounds. Instead, we take “neutral” to a whole new level.  dotStaff™ exposes the vendor names and facilitates a competitive, but level playing field for all vendors.  If your favorite vendor is willing to provide the right resource at the right price and is willing to compete with others to do so, we call it good business. So while the others claim fairness, we deliver fairness and impartiality.

#3.  The dotStaff™ Solution balances resource quality with market price.

The dotStaff™ solution provides a real-time reverse auction by job posting. Vendors are able to see the lowest bid and have opportunity to meet or to beat that bid. Meanwhile, we don’t force the acceptance of the low bid, but allow the hiring manager to make the final decision based on qualifications, interview results, and price. We track and report the results. You improve what you measure and we do measure these details.  Traditional program models develop a rate range per job title and everyone must live within that range, regardless of market trends and changes. At dotStaff, we don’t believe that paying a specific rate for a job description is sufficient. We believe that paying the right price for the right resource at the right time is the successful formula!

#4. The dotStaff™ Solution benefits vendors as well as clients.

dotStaff™ was developed to provide not only uniquely powerful advantages for clients, but also to assist program vendors in improving their own performances, efficiencies, profitability and relationship-building capabilities. With tools provided, vendors using the dotStaff™ technology are able to easily locate resumes with the highest likelihood for success. Vendors have full visibility to invoice information, as well as to the client invoice numbers which allows them to track related activities. . In many programs, the vendor pays the freight. dotStaff™ believes it is important to provide the vendor with the tools to succeed.

Therefore, dotStaff™ is the trendsetter in the VMS market because of its emphasis on relationships, on fair market pricing, on a new definition for vendor neutral, and on its resolve to provide valuable tools to improve all elements of the process.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you find your balance.