When it comes to our supplier base, the dotStaff solution acts as a vehicle for achieving diversity: dotStaff epitomizes “vendor neutral.” Unlike traditional vendor management systems which artificially strip out supplier names from resumes, the dotStaff system provides a variety of client management monitoring capabilities.

In order to ensure neutrality, dotStaff operates in an open, diverse environment. Our unique approach allows each hiring manager to select which vendors with whom he/she wishes to work utilizing skill set requirement and areas of responsibility. Therefore, managers are not limited to one vendor. As contingent hiring needs are defined, only the appropriate vendors are automatically notified and can submit available resources for consideration.

Additionally, diversity in access for both hiring managers and partners to local and regional market pricing information ensures an effective balance between resource quality and price.  Partners remain dedicated, through open competition and, through dotStaff’s unique vendor-neutral philosophy, are assured equality and fair access to business opportunities.

Overall, the dotStaff system allows for the flexibility of using a variety of vendors to gain access to a variety of quality candidates while realizing an average of 20% rate reduction savings.

We look forward to the opportunity to bring more diversity to your supplier organization.