As the holidays approach, I always enjoy trying new food recipes. From Family Fun to the Food Network, the food arena certainly does not lack variety when it comes to cooking and baking. What about when it comes to the contingent labor arena though? Is there a recipe for reducing contingent labor costs?

At dotStaff, our innovative recipe allows companies to reduce contingent labor spend and to maintain service quality and valued vendor partnerships simultaneously. Here are the core ingredients of our recipe:

1.   Vendor-Neutrality –  Unlike other recipes, dotStaff embraces existing client/vendor relationships and provides a frameworkfor improving these relationships. Therefore, we believe that a client and its suppliers need to view each other as trusted partners. As contingent hiring needs are defined, our easy-to-use recipe allows each hiring manager to select their vendors of his/her choice.  In creating an online competitive environment, dotStaff drives costs to market value through real-time competitive  bidding.

2.   Creativity and Intelligence  –  In creating an inspirational, challenging, and rewarding place to live and to work, we are able to transfer leadership into a practical, meaningful, and highly valued recipe. Our breadth of core competencies within the staffing industry allows us to address key business needs to provide the right blend of results and vision, talent and timeline, as well as sustainable process and speed.

3.  Strong Business Partner Relationships  –   The cornerstone of our recipe is commitment to developing strong business partner relationships. We recognize that in order to achieve our client objectives, we must be both a good  business partner and a valued community steward. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating a true partnership through shared social and economic goals.

4.  Flexibility  –  At dotStaff, we seek to be responsive to the ever-changing needs of our clients and innovative with our solutions. Our configurable and flexible vendor management recipe can map to a variety of different  business models, thus allowing for implementation to a program that meets set and specific needs. From Fortune 500 to mid-market companies, our clients include companies from every industry including pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, financial services, insurance, manufacturing and government.

These core ingredients help to make dotStaff the current trend-setter for vendor management systems and the total recipe for reducing contingent labor spend. Are you ready to try a new recipe for managing your contingent labor?