When a traditional system for time-keeping and attendance tracking no longer meets the needs at hand, the dotStaff™ vendor management software is the solution.  With dotStaff™, one can keep time, track attendance, and manage payroll automatically and easily!

Our self-serve structure allows users to enter and to track time worked quickly and easily, which reduces administrative responsibilities and costs. This full-featured system not only keeps time but also tracks attendance and offers customizable reporting options, which provides benefits for all parties involved:

For Vendors – With this user-friendly system, immediate transparency to activity enables vendors to account for company costs during the entire process. Vendors can track their resources’ time worked, monitor invoice activity from the day of submission, and follow movement of payments throughout the full cycle. Unlike any other tool on the market, vendors are quick to select and to use dotStaff™.

For Resources/Contract Employees – dotStaff’s visibility gives resources/contracted employees the capability to enter and to review time entries in one convenient online location: The web-based system can directly be accessed from the internet.

For Client Managers – Utilizing dotStaff™, a client manager can easily access his own time approval queue and approve or deny each entry as appropriate.  If an entry is denied, the dotStaff™ system  will notify the resource/contract employee, as well as the vendor, of the denial, providing opportunity for follow up corrections or adjustments to be made.

Overall, dotStaff™ offers automated, centralized and visible time entry, time approval, and billing information, resulting in a highly efficient process which eliminates errors and reduces accounting costs.

Does your company use a time clock or  “punch-in” system? How can dotStaff™ improve that process  for you?