There IS a way to bring real-time management and accountability to your contingent labor processes!

Through its comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-implement technology, dotStaff™ provides outstanding visibility which incorporates detailed, real-time management and accountability into your temporary labor processes. Our customizable, web-based Active Server Program Vendor Management System (VMS) organizes sourcing, time tracking, and payments to ensure clients have access to the “right resource at the right time for the right price.”

Key features and capabilities of the dotStaff™ VMS include:

•    State-of-the-Art technology
•    Configurable by organizational structure (company, division, department, region)
•    Custom interfaces to existing systems
•    Automation of direct  and temporary employee hiring life cycle
•    Web-based creation and approval of job requisitions
•    Posting of jobs to any or all selected staffing vendors
•    Automated notification of new requisition to staffing vendors
•    Automatic tracking of open requisition status
•    Ability to track, monitor and report diversity spend
•    Robust metrics including response time, time to fill, temporary employee quality
•    Customized task reminders
•    Elimination of paper-based time cards and invoicing
•    System access 24/7/365
•    Customizable vocabulary and branding
•    Project-based management
•    Price transparency across the supply chain

We look forward to talking with you further about our truly unique and refreshing approach to Vendor Management: dotStaff™ – Where Relationships Matter.