You have a project, need a resource, but aren’t permitted to hire, so what are you to do? Contact a contingent labor supplier! In fact, contact the one that stopped by last week to see if you needed any resources on any of your projects. Why not? It would get the project completed with only the cost of the resource and want to know the best part? – After the project is complete, your costs are reduced. It’s a great thing. Move forward.

Next thing you know, you are hearing about new processes being put in place for a variety of reasons:

  • People are using temp labor, but budgets are being exceeded.
  • Accounting is overloaded with processing of invoices.
  • Procurement is getting smacked with PO requests.
  • Managers are spending significant time comparing timesheets to invoices for payment pre-approval.
  • Vendors are calling because they want to be paid.

Want to gain control again? At dotStaff, we are experts in contingent labor management solutions. You CAN roll out a managed service provider program, let them manage these processes, track compliance, resolve inconsistencies, ensure competitive pricing, and report results to your organization.

Let your team stay focused on what they do best. Let us help you to better manage your contingent labor.