The best part of attending American Staffing Association’s Staffing World each year is hearing the diverse number of stories about our ever-changing staffing industry from across the globe. These conversations allow us to meet new people and to establish new strategic partnerships. Partnerships are very important to dotStaff as we sell exclusively through partners, whom we mentor to become Managed Service Providers.

Dan Nierste and I will be available to discuss any of the following at dotStaff’s booth:

  • Growth – How do I grow my staffing company?
  • Expanded Offerings – I am a staffing company with great recruiting expertise.  How do I become a Managed Service Provider for my client?
  • Defense – I was a Managed Service Provider or Vendor on-site at a client, but was taken over by an organization that brought in a traditional Vendor Management System. How can I keep this from happening again?
  • Consultant – How can I continue to earn my client’s trust while expanding my knowledge and services within their environment?

Be sure to stop by dotStaff’s booth, 108, while you are in the Expo Hall. We are located on the right wall near the main entrance.