Today’s installment concludes the A Perfect Fit series with conversation between dotStaff’s Julie Talatinian and Andrea Connell, Program Manager with Knowledge Services, a dotStaff™ Alliance Partner

Julie:    If someone doesn’t know how it all works, for example a hiring manager, how do you take care of them?

Andrea: Most of the time I meet with the hiring manager in person or talk to him over the phone.  I explain the process.  I just walk him through it, saying, “This is what you do first, and this is what we’ll need you to do there.”  We go through it all step by step.  That’s just the process.  But then we need to show him how to use the tool.

Julie:   So that is when you look to me, as the trainer?

Andrea: Yes, we ask you to come in to do the training for us. In fact I just got a request for that [for a live training].  I will definitely engage you when it’s someone new, or a vendor that’s brand new who has never before worked with my client.  That is especially when I refer them to you.

I appreciate that you offer that support function.  I can look to you to take on that responsibility for me.  I know it gets done right, so I don’t worry about it again.  I hand it to you and it’s done.

Julie:    Tell us about your interaction with the dotStaff™ Customer Support team.

Andrea: We do a lot of support ourselves, but there are times when we are backlogged or we just don’t know the answer.  My days get busy, plus I travel to client locations.  When I am offsite at the client, I could be in twelve different places in one day. On days like that, if a client or a vendor calls needing help with the software, I’ll refer them to dotStaff™.  Customer Support can take that person’s hand and walk him through what is needed.  Just today someone called and said, “Something’s changed.  I can’t open a job requisition anymore.” I offered everything I knew and when I couldn’t figure it out, I referred her to Customer Support.  We learned it was a browser issue.  So anytime there is a question about the software, I can refer them to dotStaff™.  If it’s a program question though, my team and I always address those questions.

Julie:   What are your favorite aspects of your job?

Andrea: I love the people side of it.  I’m a relationship person.  I love working with the managers and the vendors as well!  I don’t really interact with the candidates.   I like knowing that in my state, I am helping to fill jobs with people who need them.  It works on both sides.  I get the satisfaction of filling the need from the Client side. They have a need and they need someone now.  And on the Vendor/Resource side, we are helping unemployed people go back to work!  That is really satisfying to me.

I’ve worked in this sector a long time, but not on this side of it.  I’ve always known the procurement side of it, the bid process side which is more of the sales side.  Now I’m in a customer service role, which is a better fit for me.  I prefer the relationship side as I’ve always sold on a relationship basis.  Now I’m not in a sales role, although you do always “sell” in every position you’re in.  I now have the relationship element which I really really like. That, for me, is the most enjoyable.

Plus, I’ve learned so much!  This client has needs across the board.  There are different programs and processes in place you’d never know existed!  Just by working with different managers in different departments, you find out so much about what is happening and how you can help.  Until you’re on the inside, you don’t know what’s going on in a company. That’s been really fun.

Julie:    Thank you Andrea!