dotStaff™ would like to thank guest writer Andrea Connell for this post.  Andrea works for Knowledge Services, a dotStaff Alliance Partner.

Every day in my professional life as the MSP Program Manager for a government entity, my team and I are tasked with several things:

  1. Finding the best talent for open positions in IT, Admin/Clerical and Medical
  2. Streamlining the acquisition process (from open requisitions to invoicing and payments)
  3. Helping our vendor community build successful relationships & succeed in our program
  4. Possibly the most important, saving my client money while not compromising any of the above.


Prior to the MSP program at my client site, the client had no way of knowing how many requisitions were released a month, which departments had hiring needs, how long it took to fill a need and what kind of needs those were.  They had no way of tracking rates against job descriptions, sharing resumes virtually, and most importantly, had no overall scope on what they spent for contingent labor!

The dotStaff™ software solves all of these problems and more.  My favorite part of dotStaff™ is the reporting engine.  When you walk into a new client site, one that currently has no visibility to their contingent labor process or costs, it’s exciting knowing exactly what the dotStaff™ software can provide.

In our first quarterly business review, we gave upper management what they had been craving: Information!  With dotStaff™, we are able to break down data in several different reports:

  • Spend by Department
  • Spend by Manager
  • Spend by Job Title
  • Spend by Job Code
  • Spend by Project
  • Spend by Vendor
  • Spend by Diversity Vendor

Just to name a few!

Can you imagine their excitement?  Going from a place of having no means of tracking contingent labor, to an abundance of reporting at their finger tips?  To say the client was pleased is an understatement.  In fact, when they saw the reporting we provided, they immediately wanted more!

We excited them even further by showing their hard dollar savings from program inception.  We break down our savings reports the same as we do spend reports:

  • Savings by Department
  • Savings by Manager
  • Savings by Individual Resource Name
  • Savings by Job Title & Job Code
  • Savings by Project
  • Savings by Vendor

There are added ‘bonus’ benefits that my client has realized with the inception of the MSP program that further makes me look heroic in their eyes!   Those bonuses are paperless time entry, streamlined invoicing, informed decision-making, improved distribution of spend by vendor and an increased vendor pool from which talent can be selected.

So, you see, I’m lucky. I get to reap the rewards that the dotStaff™ system provides.  I’m fortunate to have a client who also sees the true value that the MSP team and the dotStaff™ software provide.  So I’m happy to be the “deliverer” of reporting and data that makes me look like a hero, when in reality, the software does most of the work for me!