My alpha cat Annie loves to perch on top of my kitchen cabinets, taking stock of her world. From on high, she is invulnerable to unseen forces, a power position that unleashes her versatility:  She can pounce on a fly, chatter at a bird outside, and keep her sister out of mischief down below.  Atop my kitchen cabinets, she’s the queen of the jungle:

Annie’s high-level view of her world has a lot in common with the view of dotStaff™ Users.  It’s this high-level, world-at-the-fingertips view that distinguishes our software from other VMSs in the industry. Once implementation completes, Users’ contingent labor data is now organized in a more powerful way that also provides them easy access.   How?

For our Client Partners, we:

1)      Provide real-time competitive bidding that includes talent specific rates and resumes

2)      Ensure that processing of all their payments is visible to them and to their providers

3)      Drive action through approval and workflow queues designed around their needs

For our Vendor Partners we:

1)      Give access to the invoice number and the options to do their own payment tie out.

2)      Allow real time competition, rather than force stagnant bill rates that don’t respect/reflect contractors’ talents

3)      Ensure appropriate levels of access to managers to ensure they’re placing the best talent.

The view from a traditional VMS model, in contrast, looks a lot more like my other cat, Emma.  Less queen of the jungle, more lady-in-waiting, she possesses all the stillness of a goldfish. She is inward, and focused primarily on her next meal.  Her favorite place to hang out is under my kitchen table, aloof from all activity.  Annie, on the other hand, is my turbo-charged tracker, wanting to know:  What are you doing?  How are you doing it?  Annie’s all-seeing versatility expresses what dotStaff™ does best.

There are environments that suit both kinds of cats.  But if I’m in need of a Vendor Management System that preserves my relationships with vendors, gives me an accurate monthly spend on contingent labor at  market-value price, I would choose a tool with the cat-like versatility of dotStaff™, and leave  the goldfish on the shelf.