dotStaff would like to thank guest writer Andrea Connell for this post. Andrea works for Knowledge Services, a dotStaff Alliance Partner.

When you’re a vendor, supplying contingent staff to your client, the worse news you can get is that a new Managed Service Provider (MSP) is coming in to help the client manage their vendors and staffing needs. Vendors always think, “Oh no!!”

Why do vendors hate MSP programs? Because it usually means, the MSP is about to come in, gobble up all the good opportunities, block access to managers and only spew out hard to fill positions to the vendors participating in the program.

Knowledge Services, has been there too and we’ve most definitely felt the “Oh No” feeling! We’ve supplied contingent labor through Managed Service Providers for years. One of our frustrations was not having access to the hiring managers. So many times, job postings are released with sketchy requirements. Speaking directly to the manager to get questions answered about what’s most important to the position is imperative to finding the “right fit” candidate.

So when KS decided to enter the world as a Managed Service Provider, we decided we would eliminate everything we disliked about the MSP programs we had participated in. No more manager blocking, no more hogging all the good jobs, no more “Oh no!”

KS has a completely different philosophy on how to manage an MSP. We encourage vendors to reach out to managers. We won’t manager block or refuse to facilitate a meeting between vendor and manager.

We conduct vendor roundtables where we share data, such as, reports that show job titles by manager name or volume of hire by department. With this data, vendors in our MSP programs can fill their candidate pipeline with the appropriate talent.

Even more importantly, unlike most MSP programs, Knowledge Services, in partnership with our software vendor dotStaff, allows for full disclosure of invoicing & payments. Most MSP programs don’t even disclose invoice numbers, let alone, update vendors on the status of payments. The Knowledge Services MSP model not only posts invoice numbers as they are processed weekly, but we also update the dotStaff software as soon as the client pays. We go one step further and add an anticipated payment date, letting the vendor know when payment to them will be released. Upon releasing payment, we update the system with the payment date & check number.

The Knowledge Services mission statement says we are dedicated to the success of the clients we serve by increasing the capabilities and potential of those who work for us and work with us. We know our MSP programs are only successful when our vendors provide the talent our client needs. We’ve already heard, “Oh yes!” when the client hires KS to manage their MSP program, we want our vendors to feel the same way.

-Written by guest writer Andrea Connell of Knowledge Services, a dotStaff Alliance Partner-