I’m a blogging novice, but in the few short months the dotStaff™  blog has been afloat,  I’ve learned a lot.  I haven’t been this excited about coming to work in a long time.  If you are on the fence about whether to start your company blog, or step up and write  a blog entry,  maybe these four benefits of doing so will ease you into Social Media:

1)      It makes me see my job with fresh eyes.  Because I am expected to generate weekly blog entries, my brain puts things together differently, in pursuit of themes.  It’s like when the grocery store re-organizes their merchandise to get you to change up your buying patterns.  Initially you may feel a bit thrown off, but what they’ve done is given you an opportunity to be more creative and engage in a fresh way.  Now, everything is potential blogging material, because I see associations between things I didn’t see before.  Boy does that make my job more juicy.

2)      I see fellow employees in a richer way. My teammate Brett Nagel—our Court Jester—wrote a touching blog last week that captured exactly what I was feeling about our move to new office digs.  I also learned that my boss, Dave Stenger, is the Blog Title King, using a really creative process to generate just-right blog titles.  The Blog Project here at dotStaff ™ has encouraged team building, creative problem-solving and good will. Our Wednesday morning Blogging Brainstorming sessions always give me new ideas because we listen to each other in new ways. It’s like team defibrillation!

3)      I increase my company’s value by spotlighting  my unique  strengths.  I learned a writing rule years ago:  “When you give me you, you give me me.”  After I’ve read a good blog that really speaks to me, it has  a mysterious way of lingering in the air, like a lovely fragrance.   When I read Seth Godin’s blog for example, I feel grateful, smarter, and edgier—and a big fat loyalty toward him. As a result, I quote him on Facebook and  repeat his ideas.  That kind of viral impact is huge.

4)      I increase my  awareness of the market I serve. Much like viewing my job in a new light, I  gain the opportunity to revisit my understanding of the market I serve. The act of writing and publishing blogs encourages me to be a thought leader in my field.

It’s a real act of faith to give your employees a blank canvas,  and then invite them to “give us you.” I can view this invitation as daunting, or I can turn it into an opportunity to provide value to our clients.  I’ve spent years at dotStaff™ cultivating knowledge and insights unlike anyone else’s. Finally, I get the chance to present these little gems in my own unique packaging.

What is your resistance to starting a blog at your company?  What are benefits you’re enjoying as a result of blog writing?  I would love to hear from you, because bottom line?  When you give me you, you give me me!