I was traveling to a client site when I got the news that my father was moved to a nursing home that could care for him effectively. I was asked to be home for a first meeting with hospice the next day. Little did I know that in the next few hours, I would be serving a client that would have an immediate impact on those last few days of my father’s life.

My client was Hill-Rom. Hill-Rom is a provider of medical equipment, hospital beds, etc. My job was to implement our company’s software, a vendor management system (VMS) that would streamline their contingent labor processes and help manage vendor quality and performance.

When I arrived, I was taken on a tour that ended in a theatre style room.  Here I was guided through a 360 degree rotation that displays the entire history of the company. The company was started by a man creating a bed for his dying wife so that she could live in the comfort of her home in her final days without sacrificing all that was required to properly care for her. Today, Hill-Rom designs, manufactures, and distributes equipment around the world to meet the same and similar needs. Although I was previously unaware of the company, within the next 48 hours; Hill-Rom, its employees, their philosophy, and their dedication would become close and personal.

I met with hospice and their first recommendation was to replace the bed my father was in with something more comfortable and by that afternoon, they had ordered and moved a Hill-Rom bed into his room. The difference in his comfort level was noticeable and immediate. The grimace that was once on his face was gone and he was resting comfortably. I felt indebted to my new client and wished I could deliver equally impactful and excellent results to them.

When I completed the implementation and had the final project review meeting with the Hill-Rom Management Team, I had the opportunity to share my story and thank them for the work they do every day. I was proud to be partnered with them and I had a new level of understanding of the importance of doing things well.

This story began two years ago and last week Hill-Rom presented dotStaff™ with an award entitled “The Game Changer”. Things like managing contingent labor, bringing efficiency to temporary labor processes, and helping to ensure Independent Contract compliance can seem insignificant, but for an organization that cares about the details, it’s a game changer!

Every client is making a difference to someone somewhere.  I take this new insight into every site I visit. Doing our part well enables each client to focus on its “Game Changing” purpose. Have you ever experienced a direct connection to a prospect or client?